Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Water Cooling 101: The ThinkComputers WC101 Rig – Product Overviews

Well we’ve designed our loop, spent hours searching the web comparing parts and twiddling our thumbs nervously before clicking the submit order button. And why shouldn’t you be nervous? You just added enough gear to your cart to buy a crappy car! But it’s done, funds have been exchanged, time has slowly and painfully ticked by, and the tracking number has been checked hundreds of times (does the refresh button even work anymore?). Finally the status is green, the package has been delivered, our parts have arrived from Aquatuning.us, Phanteks, and ThermalTake! What did we get you ask? Follow along as we unbox and check out our glorious shiny new water cooling gear. Welcome to Water Cooling 101: Episode 3!

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