Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Oregon Slacker Receives his CyberPower PC System!

We <a href="">announced</a> that Oregon Slacker won our <a href="">CyberPower and ThinkComputers System Giveaway</a> a few weeks ago. He has been waiting for the system for about 3 weeks and yesterday the system finally arrived! He was nice enough to take some photos of the system and of course photos of himself with the new system! Check out all of the photos below and once again thanks to everyone that entered the contest and thanks to Oregon Slacker for taking the time to take photos for us!


CyberPower and ThinkComputers System Giveaway Winner Announced

That's right, it's the 18th and that means we are announcing the winner of the <a href="" target="new">CyberPower and ThinkComputers System Giveaway</a>! This was one of our best contest's to date! Well first off before we announce the winner of the CyberPower and ThinkComputers System Giveaway we want to thank <a href="" target="new">CyberPower PC</a> for providing us with such an awesome system to give away! We also want to thank everyone who submitted a story, there were over 175 and reading through them over the past 3 days really made us wish we could give everyone a system. Here are the specs of the system if anyone forgot.

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