Friday, July 20, 2018

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ASRock’s Upgraded Super Alloy X99 Series Motherboards Unveiled

We have been here before, haven't we? Back in the days when we were used to having X79-chipset based motherboard for building up the supercomputers, and setting up the incredible rig on the face of earth, a brand new chipset motherboard with unassuming power came along and changed everything. It is ASRock's Super Alloy X99 motherboard series. The long-awaited X99 gears based on Haswell-E architecture were born today, including the prestigious Extreme Series, gamers' most wanted Fatal1ty Killer Series and crazy Nick Shih's Overclocking Series.

ASRock X99 Extreme4
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ASRock X99X Killer, X99 Extreme6 and X99 Extreme4 Motherboards Revealed

Intel's upcoming Haswell-E HEDT (high-end desktop) platform will be launching soon and with it so will the X99 chipset. Of course that means a whole slew of new X99 motherboards. While some X99 motherboards were shown at Computex this year they were prototypes and not final versions. In a recent press briefing in Taiwan, ASRock showed off three of their X99 motherboards, which look to be the final versions.

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