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New Gears of War Game Announced and its Beautiful

This week during E3 at the Microsoft press conference the company announced the next installment in the Gears of War Series, Gears 5. This is the first new game in the series since 2016 and you notice that the game is just called Gears 5, not Gears of War 5.

Xbox One Tour
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Xbox One Tour Coming to Over 75 Cities

Having trouble deciding on whether or not to get a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360 this holiday season? Microsoft wants to change that with their multi-city international Xbox One Tour that will give gamers the chance to experience the next generation console before it launches on November 22.

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Xbox One’s Kinect Senser Won’t Plug Into PCs

Sometimes moves made by the Big names in the Tech industry get too complex that they get hard to comprehend. For instance, the decision reverted to bring Start button in Windows 8.1 but not the Start menu. Such steps limit the company being aggressive, and now news has been publicized that the second generation Kinect sensor (comes with Xbox One) isn’t going to plug into PCs, reason being it’s having a proprietary connector.

Xbox One Box Art

Microsoft Reverses Course on Xbox One

Just when the controversy over Microsoft's update to the Xbox 360 couldn't possibly get any juicer, it did. A few days ago, Microsoft retracted two of their more upsetting <a href="">features for the Xbox One</a> - that of a required always-on connection and the inability to play any used games. In a statement by Don Mattrick, an Xbox executive, the company reversed the decision that insisted on DRM policy for used and shared games and that the 24 hour online requirement was nixed, meaning players can take their Xbox One anywhere.

PlayStation 4 Box Art
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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Box Art Revealed

Sony and Microsoft have revealed their next generation gaming consoles called the Playstation 4 and Xbox one. Yes! The two rivals are back with their latest models. Both models are expected to get one on one in the battlefield later this year. What a competition it will be. So our Xbox and PS lovers hold onto your money and wait for a couple of more months to experience the ultimate gaming graphics. The retail box art for both consoles has been revealed!


What You Need To Know about the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event was held today at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. If you missed it we have all of the information on the next generation Xbox console. After months of speculation the official name of the console will be Xbox One. The Xbox One is made to be an “all-in-one” box that interacts with all the devices in your home theater. Microsoft’s Don Mattrick said the core strategy is “simple, instant and complete.” The Xbox One will be available “later this year” and will ship with a new Kinect motion camera and controller. Read on as we go over some of the new features.

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Next-Gen Xbox Offline Features Detailed

One of the big things many gamers have been worried about with the next generation Xbox is that it would require an always-on internet connection. While we have internet pretty much everywhere these days there are some instances where it is not available, or when it goes out. Well it seems that you will still have some features available to your next generation Xbox if this happens. These features include playing a single-player game, watching a Blu-ray disc or viewing live TV.

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New Xbox Logo Leaked

While we take things posted on Reddit with a grain of salt the image that you see below is gaining a lot of traction on the social sharing site and has been posted numerous other places. We have heard the name Xbox Infinity in many different rumors and if this image is indeed real that is what Microsoft will be calling their next generation console that is set to be <a href="" target="_blank">announced on May 21st</a>.

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