Friday, July 20, 2018

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ASUS Xonar DG Sound Card Review

Affordable, feature packed, 5.1 channel sound, headphone amp and built in S/PDIF, this is the ASUS Xonar DG. Yes, it is the cheapest card in the Xonar lineup, but it definitely carries more than its weight. The Xonar DG is Dolby Headphone and GX2.5 enabled which takes care of all current gaming support. While its great sound quality (up to 96kHz/24bit) makes all movies, and music truly enjoyable. There will even be times when you blindly mistake the Xonar DG for its bigger brother the <a href="">Xonar Xense</a>. Putting all of that fancy stuff aside, if you need a new soundcard and are on a budget, the Xonar DG is the card for you. Continue reading to find out all of the reasons why.

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