Thermaltake Xaser S1000 Notebook Cooler Review

Final Thoughts

Bringing the Xaser branding into their notebook cooling line was a great idea by Thermaltake, but the S1000 was a bit weak for a Xaser product. Most Xaser products really are top of the line and work great. The Xaser S1000, while it did cool the laptop, it was only by 4 degrees and that was on high speed. Also I do not know why Thermaltake used a proprietary USB power cable. That means if you lose it you’re out of luck trying to find a new one, unless it’s from Thermaltake.

I did like the aluminum design of this cooler, if anything that helped the cooling. Also the overall look and design of the cooler was good. I think that Thermaltake needs to go back and make this cooler better. Maybe add some better fans and extend the aluminum body that would make it more effective. This cooler sells for around $49.99, you should save your money and look for a better notebook cooler.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake Xaser S1000 Notebook Cooler a 6 out of 10 score.

rating6 10 small


– Aluminum design
– Looks cool


– Poor cooling
– Proprietary USB power cable
– Price


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