ThinkComputers Holiday 2014 Staff Wish List

Bobby Pachinger (Posts)
This year has been a great year for me as I have been promoted and also got married. Some of the things I would like for Xmas are some things I just can’t sneak past the wife.

Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (Amazon)
Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D)

With being at my desk almost every day and night I would like to get some space back and be able to do a few different things at the same time on the same screen.

Playstation 4 Destiny Bundle (Amazon)
PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle

Some of my close friends have been playing Destiny on PS4 and the game looks great. Also for some odd reason the wife wants to play also.

Nvidia Shield Tablet (Amazon)
NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Always wanted to get one, but being able to play my PC games from a different room in the house and even on the road would be awesome. Also would be a great replacement to my Nexus 7.

DX Racer Chair (Amazon)

Currently need a new chair for my home office. I normally would not buy into the for gaming hype but after trying out a friends I was in love.

Black and Decker Drill and Project Kit (Amazon)

Over the past few years most of my tools and drills have been broken or lost. Figured it would be a good idea to get a nice little kit with everything in it.

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