Yesports To Create The First NFT Based Esports Metaverse

Over the last 5 years, esports has developed to become one of the driving forces of the gaming world, and its growth momentum doesn’t seem like it will slow down any time soon. Due to its increasing popularity, the competitive video gaming sector has recently been at the forefront of the tech revolution as players seek deeper immersion via more realistic graphics. As a result, gaming hardware manufacturers and game developers are fighting to release new innovative technologies to meet consumer demands.

Now, stakeholders of the esports industry want to usher the hundreds of millions of the world’s esports fans into a new virtual world of an NFT based metaverse. Recently, the esports engagement platform, Yesports, announced that it raised $2.25 million during its first round of seed funding to develop its NFT based esports metaverse. While other gaming verticals like casino online gambling are also exploring the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based tokens, none has planned to make a bold move on such enormous scales.

If you are an esports enthusiast looking for a way to engage with a larger esports fanbase worldwide beyond your imagination, then this platform might be it. Here’s a closer look at what the NFT based esports metaverse will mean for competitive video gaming fans when it goes live.

What is Yesports?

Just like in traditional sports, sponsorships play a major role in esports. In case you didn’t know, the increased volume of financial backings is among the reasons why the esports sector has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years. But then, similar to real-world sports, it’s not easy to find benefactors, especially when you are green in the esports scene. Besides the sponsorship aspect, user engagement in different esports-oriented platforms is also vital as it helps spread the word.

Yesports is an all-rounded platform that was launched to help traditional sports and esports players nurture their talent and navigate the intricacies of the corporate world. In essence, Yesports is a career development and social media platform that brings together professionals in the sporting and video gaming world. In addition, another of the primary objectives of the platform is to bring together millions of talented players and fans worldwide.

Through its Yesports talents platform, Yesports helps gamers meet up with corporates to talk about the marketing side of the trade, among other important components of the industry. All the good that Yesports seeks to accomplish is backed by several distinguished investors, including Alphabit, Polygon Studios, Kernel Ventures, NGC Ventures, Mozailc Capital and Cosmos.

What is the Esports Metaverse?

The esports metaverse is a futuristic platform where you can play and stay connected with fellow esports enthusiasts globally. On the said platform, you can enjoy a range of activities without the hassle of having to travel to different locations physically. According to Yesports, its esports metaverse plans to connect close to 500 million esports fans across the globe. Through this leading-edge esports metaverse experience, fans will seamlessly be able to support their favourite esports teams while sharing and living in the same mind-blowing experience.

NFTs and Their Significance in the Esports Metaverse

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are fast making their way into the gaming world. An NFT is basically an item that uses the same programming and blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are not fungible, i.e., they cannot be exchanged for one another. In the gaming world, NFTs are assets that can be sold for real money to bring profit to the most creative players.

In the esports metaverse, NFTs will have a key role to play, particularly because players and teams will have the capacity to create their own special generative NFT packs. Moreover, users can set up their own NFT storefronts and sell them to earn real money in the metaverse. There will also be NFT metaverse access cards that act as the only way members can access the virtual setting. The Yesports NFT-based esports metaverse is the first of its kind. No other group or individual has implemented such an intricate concept before. It’s no wonder why there’s a lot of excitement in esports circles all over the world.

Final Thoughts

The esports community is growing faster than ever before, and this rapid expansion of the fan base is what is igniting the implementation of innovative concepts. The prospect of having many esports teams connected with millions of fans while benefitting financially from NFTs is eye-opening. We can’t wait to relish the space-age experience as soon as the esports metaverse is open to the public. Indeed, the future is bright for esports. What do you think is the most exciting bit of the Yesports NFT-based esports metaverse? Share your thoughts right here in the comments section.