10 Best Casino Affiliate Programs of 2022

Affiliate marketing is the smartest way of making money without putting any physical effort to convince the buyers. As the casino or gambling industry has a high cash flow, it is approaching the casino affiliate marketers to live a king-size life. If you also want to earn money in a short possible time, here we have provided the list of the ten best casino affiliate programs to fulfill your dream. As an alternative, you can work directly with offshore brands such as Joker123.

Before blindly signing up with a random casino affiliate program, you must know the trick to finding the best affiliate platform. To make your research effortless, we have listed the top 5 parameters below to select the best casino affiliate programs in 2022.

How to Find the Best Casino Affiliate Network?

Cookies Duration

Cookies are the background process that runs on users’ devices to track their activities for a certain duration. If a visitor clicks your referral link and makes a purchase with a predefined cookie duration, then only you will get the commission; otherwise, your efforts will go in vain.

Based on casino affiliates’ networks, the cookie’s duration may vary from a few hours to a day, months, or even a lifetime.

Commission Rates

Few affiliate programs offer you a flat 5% commission on each successful transaction done by the users. In contrast, other casino affiliate networks allow you to get up to 50% of commission based on several activities done by a user.

Fixed or Recurring Payouts

Affiliate networks can give you either a fixed amount for each conversion, or offer you recurring incoming for a lifetime based on the user’s payment flow. Out of both of these payout norms, recurring earning is the smart option to go for. Alternatively, you can join the casino affiliate programs with mixed payout options separately.

Quick Withdrawal

The most reliable casino programs for affiliating marketing are those that allow you to withdraw the earned amount as soon as possible. However, generally, the standard deposit duration in your accounts is around 3-4 working days in most countries.

Flexible Payment Methods

You must check the payment methods for the affiliate programs you are going to choose. For instance, a few may allow you to withdraw the money only through PayPal or Wire transfer. So before opting for any affiliate programs, you must check if they have flexible payment methods to directly transfer the funds to your bank account.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Earn More Money In 2022


1) Ace Revenue

Ace Revenue Affiliate offers you to earn 35 to 45 percent of their revenue share with a lifetime cookie duration. If you refer them up to 50 new depositors or casino users, you will be in the slot of 35%, whereas referring more than 50 users, you can earn up to 45% of their revenue share.

The Ace Revenue allows you easy withdrawal options through Casino Account, Check for Canada and US affiliates, Neteller, and Wire Transfers.

2) eGaming Online (EGO)

The eGaming Online is another best casino affiliate program in 2022 that gives you two options to earn money, i.e., either through CPA (Cost per Acquisition) or the revenue share that ranges from 20 to 40%.

With Egaming Online Casino Affiliate Programs, you can withdraw the funds on the 10th of each following month via Neteller, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer, and bank draft.

3) Ignition Casino

The ignition Casino platform is leveraged with Bingo, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, and other slots and casino games. The site offers you to earn 25% to 45% of commission for referring new users. When you send up to 10 customers, you can get a revenue share of 25% for each, and once you reach the limit of 251 users, the commission slab will be upgraded by 45%.

Ignition Casino offers lifetime cookies duration that you can cash by promotion their commission-based and CPA programs.

4) G Wages (Gambling Wages)

The Gwages affiliate program is known for offering mainly US-based casinos and similar games that include Ruby Slots, Dreams Casinos, Club Player, and more. The Gambling Wages are reliable and the best casino affiliate network that offers you 40% of commissions with a lifetime cookie duration.

People are joining Gwages because of on-time payments, 24/7 customer support, and no negative balance carryover.

5) Bet 365

Bet365 runs several affiliate programs for pokers, live casinos, Bingo, Sports, and other gambling games. With Bet 365 affiliate programs, you can earn up to 30% of commissions with a lifetime cookie duration.

They allow you to withdraw the funds once every month with a minimum threshold of $100 USD.

6) Bovada

Bovada casino affiliate program deals in Sportsbook, Racebook, Poker Room, and casinos. They count the conversion based on a lifetime cookies duration where you can earn 25% to 45% of the revenue share per sale. But to work with this guys, you might want to use a nordvpn to get better rates via switching IP to one of the Tier-1 countries.

The best thing about the Bovada affiliate network is there is not any minimum amount you need to wait for withdrawal. Also, there is no negative balance carryover in the next month. You can diversify your earnings by placing several Bovada casino affiliate marketing materials on your site.

7) Legend Affiliates

Legend casino affiliate programs offer rewarding commissions to their promoters. You can get the benefits of the two models that allow you to earn 50% flat commission on the welcome customers and 25-45% of commission on a net win for the threshold starting from $0-$10,000.

By joining the Legend Affiliates program, you aren’t bounded by the negative balance carryover like the other affiliate programs charge.

8) Slotland Affiliates

Slotland casino affiliate program offers 22% to 50% of their revenue share as the referral commission with a lifetime cookie duration. This is a bit different affiliate platform that pays you based on the deposit amount received through your referrals. So, even if your referrals users win the game, you will get the commission based on their deposit amount.

Slotland allows you to withdraw the money within 24 hours to your bank account by opting for the best payout modes from several options.

9) Buffalo Partners

Buffalo affiliate program gives you a big opportunity to earn money by promoting their huge range of gambling products. You will earn lifetime revenue share or the CPA for every player joined through your referral links.

The platform gives 50% of the commission to new affiliate marketers for the months with zero balance carryforward flexibility.

10) Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is one of the most popular casino affiliate programs in 2022 that actually allows you to maximize revenue through several activities.

It is the UK-based casino affiliate program that gives the highest commission rate of up to 75% per sale with the cookies duration of 60 days. Profit maximizer is offering such a huge commission because they have a huge range of gaming options to convince the users to spend the money.