10 Best Text to Speech Software

Text to speech software converts written documents into audio files. It can be helpful for visually impaired people or users with dyslexia condition that makes it difficult to read on screens. The software is ideal where multitasking on a number of activities is required. Here is our pick of the best text to speech software in 2019 for reading aloud whole documents or individual paragraphs.

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NoteVibes is a text to speech program that offers users free and paid options. You’re limited to 5,000 characters with the free version. This is ideal for personal use as you’ll be able to hear at once multiple sentences. You can also convert it to MP3 files. NoteVibes also offers 2 paid versions, Personal and Commercial Pack with over 10 languages to choose from. The personal pack starts at $7.9/mo.

Naturaltts is one of the best freemium text to speech converter that is available online. Naturaltts gives an opportunity to turn any kind of text into a high-quality human-like speech. It offers a free subscription account that is limited to 5,000 characters – it allows users to test the service before buying the paid subscription. This service has a fast system that converts any text into speech in a few seconds. Also, with innovative file history, Naturaltts help users to store the converted files in their own dashboard.

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Naturalreaders allows you to convert unlimited text to speech if you use their free voices. However, you’ll get 20 minutes every day if you choose to use their premium voices. They offer premium options if you want to do more. It’s a free chrome extension that can read the website you’re visiting. The software also allows you to upload files of different formats as it generates voice from the files. Premium plans start from $9.95/mo.

TTS Reader
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TTS Reader enables you to read out loud TXT or RFT files and saves them for WAV or MP3 files. The software allows you to skip sentences or paragraphs while you’re reading as it highlights the text being read. TTS Reader can convert at once many documents into audio files. You can use the software for added clarity since it uses different speech rates. It also has different accents and languages for female and male voices. The premium feature costs over $10/mo.

From Text to Speech
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From Text to Speech is one of the best free text to speech program that can help you improve your reading ability. It has more than 7 different languages you can choose from to help you speak different languages. The program also has over 20 voices to choose from. However, the voices vary based on your language of choice meaning you’ll keep hearing natural sounding accents. Due to this, you won’t experience any problems relaying the program’s voice.

Text 2 Speech
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Text 2 Speech is one of the best text to speech software because of its ease of use. You only have to choose one of the voices available and listen after entering your text. You can also download the MP3 file. Users can improve their reading without spending anything since it’s free to use. Text to Speech can be used for short paragraphs as it has over 4,000 characters. It also has 6 different voices and languages making it easier to have a better reading experience and control over the text.

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iSpeech is one of the best text to voice software with over 30 different languages and is free to use. You can download each language in various sound formats such as OGG, MP3 and WAV. It’s ideal for beginner learners because it simplifies difficult text into audio simple files. It also has 3 different reading speeds to choose from and helps users absorb information displayed on web pages without looking at the screen.

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Oddcast has a simple interface and is one of the best text to speech software with natural voices. The text to speech functionality enables their voices to speak with accurate real-time and lip-synching speeds. You can add special effects such as emotive cues and expressions to the audio. The functionality is an alternative to human voice. You can manipulate the speed, voice and pitch. It’s free.

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Ttsdemo is a top text to audio software that gives you 600 characters to paste your text. The text can read out loud in more than 20 languages. Each language consists of 5 voices to give you a reading experience that’s customized. It’s free and has an interface that’s easy to use. So, there’s no need to download additional software as you can just have the text read out loud.

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Readspeaker is free and helps users with learning disabilities improve their reading and comprehension speed. It highlights colours to enable you read faster making it easier for you to increase your reading levels. The software also has a reading area that’s customized and has over 100 unique voices with 35 languages.

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Ttsmp3 enables you to copy and paste easily your text in 10 languages. This software has a simple interface and is free to use. You can add word breaks and adjust the pitch. It also has multiple reading speeds.

There’s a text to speech software that offers a solution for everything. If you want an all-round software, try NoteVibes. You’ll get a high-quality audio once the text has been processed.

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