10 places that accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a very popular currency these days, and it is getting more and more known every day. A lot of people use it for investing, so it may seem that it is the only reason to get it for yourself. That is definitely not true, as loads of places are already accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. So, if you were always thinking that this cryptocurrency is just for investing – maybe this is your article to read. We will talk about 10 places that accept Bitcoin.

Let‘s start by talking about CoinGate. This website will actually help you accept Bitcoin payments, buy cryptocurrencies, or sell them for Euros. Here you can also find loads of different gift cards, which may be a great present for your loved ones.

Have you ever heard about Freegram? It is actually the only web service that is entirely based on real active users who get paid for completing social media tasks. This is great for apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other ones, as now they have a complete marketing solution. This is one of the places that accept Bitcoin so, if you are interested in it, maybe it is your time to get to know more about cryptocurrencies too.

Travala.com is another great website that accepts this crypto. It was founded in 2017 and became a cryptocurrency-friendly booking platform. They actually offer over 2 million amazing places to stay, including apartments, hotels, villas, and loads of other things. Also, users can pay with over 25 of the most popular digital assets in addition to traditional payment methods.

Bacloud is another place to mention in this article. It offers custom dedicated servers, web hosting services, cloud storage, backup solutions, domain name registration, Linux and Windows VPS at an affordable price. They also have offices in Chicago, Dronten, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.

CreeperHost LTD is another website that accepts Bitcoin. It is a global hosting provider based in the United Kingdom that operates a gaming-optimized IP network in a number of countries. Popular services include VPN, Terraria, Minecraft, and Teamspeak.

Cbdissimo.com is an online store that sells CBD products of the highest quality. Cannabidiol balms, oils, caps, and other products are available from organically grown hemp and reputable European suppliers. This is the website that also accepts Bitcoin.

Veesp is also a place that accepts Bitcoin. It is a hosting company that rents out VPS and dedicated servers. This company has been successfully operating since 2011. Their VPS and dedicated servers offer data security and almost a hundred percent uptime thanks to powerful hardware.

If you are interested in jewelry – Kristina Rybaltchenko‘s shop may be the best option for you, as it also accepts Bitcoin payments. This company has diamonds and high-value jewelry. Some people would say that it is simply the most fashionable and wearable Cold-Storage available. It might be a great option to also buy this as a present for someone.

Zumub is one more place that accepts Bitcoin. You can find all of your supplements, nutrition, and healthy food here. This shop lets you choose from 10,000 products, so you will definitely find something that fits your needs.

And the last website is actually a Zonat S. A. It is a well-known leader in the web hosting industry, offering the best Cloud Hosting solutions through the brands they manage all over the world. Their services are intended to assist all businesses and brands in developing websites and expanding their online presence.

As you can see, there are loads of places that already accept Bitcoin. Those are just a few ones and in the real world, there are actually more of them. So, if you were already thinking about getting Bitcoin but did not know what to do with it – do not forget that this crypto is not only for investing, but you can also buy loads of stuff with it.