15 ASUS Z490 Series Motherboards Leaked

Just after we posted about MSI’s Z490 motherboards we have a massive leak of ASUS Z490 motherboards. These include boards from their ROG MAXIMUS, ROG STRIX, PRIME, and TUF Gaming lines with a total of 15 boards detailed! The top of the line Z490 series from ASUS will be their ROG Maximus XII. This series will have a total of 5 motherboards which include the ROG Maximus XII Extreme Glacial, ROG Maximus XII Formula, ROG Maximus XII Extreme, ROG Maximus XII Hero (Wi-Fi) and ROG Maximus XII Apex.

Interestingly enough the Extreme Glacial board is not pictured in the leaked photo above. We can assume that it is a white edition of the Maximus XII Extreme. All of these boards will feature a 16 power stage design and DDR4-4800 OC memory. All of the boards except the Hero have 2.5 Gbe networking and the Formula and Extreme have 10Gbe networking. The Formula board is designed for watercooling enthusiasts as it has watercooling blocks for the VRM built-in. Maximus XII Extreme is the only E-ATX motherboard from the ROG series.

Next up we have ASUS’s ROG STRIX Z490 motherboards, which they will have at least eight. We can see that they have ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX boards planned. At the top of the lineup is the ROG STRIX Z490-E, which has a 14 + 2 power phase design. Every ROG STRIX 490 motherboard has 2.5 Gbe Ethernet.

After the ROG STRIX series we have the PRIME series. There will only be four boards in this series which include the PRIME Z490-A, PRIME Z490-P, and PRIME Z490M-PLUS. The first two are ATX boards, while the third is a Micro-ATX board.

Finally we have the TUF series, which we can also see one board right now. It looks like ASUS has refined the TUF design and it has some interesting RGB elements.

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