2021 Proves a Good Year for Affordable Gaming Solutions

Find out why 2021 promises to make gaming worldwide even more affordable across all available consoles.

2021 Will Be the Year of Affordable Gaming

With falling PC and console prices, 2021 promises to be even more affordable when it comes to gaming solutions. From great free online roulette game options to free to play mainstream video games, the freedom to experience quality gaming while not paying a single penny has become the norm in the video gaming industry.

In 2021, this trend is only going to intensify owing to not just falling device prices but also the rise of mobile gaming. All three main verticals of gaming will be even more accessible than before, with PC, consoles, and mobile devices having some exciting times to look forward to.

Console Gaming

With Sony and Microsoft releasing their next-generation consoles, you can already see a lot of pretty affordable devices out there. PlayStation 5 costs around $500 for its most advanced version, which is lower than what consumers had to pay ten years ago.

Games have also become more affordable, and the average game title today costs $70, allowing consumers to buy at a good pace. More importantly, Sony is happy to offer subscription services and allow you to experience great games that are already out there.

Many of the world’s leading games are available for console fans, including Fortnite, a battle royale game developed by Epic Games. Either way, the affordability, and more importantly, the longevity of devices today will make you a gamer at just a fraction of the cost.

PC Gaming

PC gaming is going strong. Putting together a decent, upgradable “rig” these days comes at a really affordable cost. And, while you may not be much of an expert at putting together your own computer, there is always an easy way to learn how to do so by yourself.

PC gaming has been thriving, but not solely because of how affordable hardware has become. Developers have given PC gamers many good reasons to actually stick around and experience gaming first hand.

Competitive titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, and many others have been in the lead and driving solid traffic and interest, which has been adding more and more excitement to the PC gaming scene.

Mobile Gaming

Next comes mobile gaming, which you can rightly describe as the next worthwhile frontier of everything gambling-related. Mobile gaming is not just a platform to dismiss. It actually overtakes PC and consoles separately and very possible combined.

More importantly, many companies are now finally realizing that in order to stay competitive, they must break ground in the mobile segment, and that is all good news. In fact, even Blizzard is branching into it, even though that has cost the company some backlash from fans.

Mobile is solidly making its way to the top, offering a mix of quality gaming opportunities along with free-to-play titles, which make gaming even more accessible.

Purely Online Gaming: Why Not?

Another underestimated segment is online gaming. This is not to say you are buying a physical copy of the game or even installing something. Many companies are tinkering with a brand new idea, and that is allowing you to subscribe to a service that then allows you to run a game virtually.

Affordability is key here. Why spend $70 per game when you can just buy a subscription service worth $20 a month and then have access to many games out there? It’s a good deal for developers and users, who both make sure that their game is exposed to many customers without the need to push for strong advertising campaigns that often cost a lot of effort and money.

The gaming world has completely reinvented itself, thanks to several trends in the most recent years. First, we saw the prices of components fall to record-low levels. The devaluation of the dollar has also made it possible to keep buying, even cheaper.

Yet, it’s also how companies have evolved and adapted to changing consumer trends. Consumers expect more for giving back less but giving steadily if there is a product that mandates such commitment.

Instead of trying to oversell things, companies are now trying to provide good quality, and that has resonated with consumers from all over the world.