Monday, December 10, 2018
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2nd Generation Ryzen Threadripper Boxes Pictured

All of the listings for AMD’s upcoming Threadripper II processors showed the original Threadripper packaging, which we figured was just a placeholder and it seems that we were right. With AMD bringing out 24-core and 32-core processors they definitely want something that is going to look great on the shelf. The first photos of the Threadripper II retail boxes have been leaked.

These new retail boxes feature a round rectangular design with a large acrylic window that shows off the processor as if its a piece of jewelry. This window opens up by way of a lock on the top. There is actually a LED light show that is powered by 2032 button batteries. The opposite side also has an acrylic window and shows off the back of the chip. The Ryzen Threadripper logo has not changed, but AMD has added the phrase Unlocked, Unrestrained, Uncompromising.

Bob Buskirk
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