3 quick SEO tips for the deck chair

We are approaching August. Some still have vacations while others have returned to work. Some choose to work in the deck chair too. If you are one of the last two options, you may want to take advantage of SEO-tuning your site with the following tips! Just keep reading!

Tip 1 – Clear 404s

So-called 404 pages occur when, for example, you remove a web page from your site or change a permalink. Visitors who find this page via Google or other search engines that have previously indexed the landing page concerned are then met by the “dead” page. That’s a phenomenon that is negative from both a user and SEO perspective. To overcome the problem, it is important to redirect the visitors to a similar page, or alternatively to the home page. Something that happens via a so-called 301 redirect.

To find out if your site contains any 404s, you may want to use Google Search Console (SC). Navigate to the control panel and then click Coverage in the menu on the left. If there are some 404 pages, you can use extensions like Redirection (if you use the WordPress CMS system) to fix the problem. But if the same problem occurs repeatedly, you can find technical experts on work on your SEO as a good option. If you work professionally, every 404 is a disaster that must be dealt with immediately.

Tip 2 – Optimize meta titles (to increase CTR)

In the SERP, you compete with thousands of other websites. To stand out from the crowd and get users to click on your particular search result, you have to have an appealing meta title, that is, the title that is visible in the SERP.

To find out which landing pages have a low Click Through Rate (CTR), also called click rate in Swedish, you can also turn to Search Console here. Once inside SC, click Results in the menu on the left, followed by Pages, and you will add a filter for CTR. For pages with a low CTR, you can adjust the meta titles to (hopefully) increase your click through rate. CTR is what you need to improve because it is one of the indicators of the success of an online site.

Tip 3 – Clear external links

In fact, many companies and website owners may sometimes receive unwanted external links. Usually this is a large number of links from “spammy” sites. To find out if you have encountered your site for this, I recommend you manually check external links in Search Console and then reject any malicious links using Google’s Link Rejection Tool.

Start the manual tuning in SC by clicking the Links in the menu on the left. Then find the section of the Web pages that links to you the most, and then click More. Go through the various web pages and write down any spammy ones in an Excel document. To reject these, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Link Rejection Tool page.

2. Select the site.

3. Click Reject links.

4. Click Select File and select the file with the list.

5. It may take a few weeks for Google to process the uploaded information. The list is incorporated with our index as we crawl the web and re-edit the pages.

There you have them – three quick SEO tips that can be done in both the sun chair and the office! Hopefully what has been discussed in this article is useful for you. Thank you for reading.

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