3 Reasons Cybersecurity Awareness is Important

No matter if you hold important personal information on your home computer or devices, or have documents or information on your work computers that you simply need to keep safe, there is no doubt that cybersecurity is likely something that you spend quite a lot of time thinking about.

While cybersecurity is a major concern for people and businesses alike, there are ways that you can get the right kind of security that you need to feel safe each and every time you hop onto your computer or device. Worrying about cybersecurity is never fun, which is why it is paramount that people find the right cybersecurity solutions to fit their needs.

Exactly why is improving your cybersecurity system so important? Keep reading to find out, and learn how it can impact you.

Cyberattacks can hit anyone

You might think that you are safe from cyberattacks because the information that you have on your computer simply isn’t all that valuable. The truth, however, is that everyone and anyone can become a victim of cyberattacks. For example, did you know that a cyberattack happens right here in the United States every 39 seconds?

If your personal information is hacked, you could become the victim of identity fraud and end up finding out that you have multiple credit cards open in your name and Social Security Number that you never knew about. If your professional information is hacked, you could also put your entire company at risk.

5G brings new risks

While you may be excited about the speed of your connection thanks to 5G, there is no doubt that the creation and distribution of 5G to homes and businesses all over the country already is and will continue to contribute to an increase in attacks. The simple reason why is because it makes users vulnerable to multi-dimensional cyberattacks that they may not even be aware of.

For that reason, companies and people are already beefing up their cybersecurity in an attempt to keep cybercriminals away. One important byproduct of that, however, is that the people and businesses that are not prepared will become an even bigger target as they are the most vulnerable.

Cyberattacks can lead to job loss

This might not mean that you will lose your job, but the simple truth is that damage to your business as a result of a cyberattack can lead to major losses in revenue which can, in turn, lead to job losses. Cyberattacks cost companies millions and millions of dollars when an attack is successful.

While you may believe that large companies are immune to these kinds of attacks, you would be wrong. Here are a few of the major companies that have been hit by cyberattacks and have had to pay incredible prices as a result:

  • Facebook – $540 million user records exposed
  • Equifax – Cost of recovering from the attack was estimated at $439 million
  • First American Corporation – had $885 million records exposed in data breach

Once companies are attacked, its clients and employees suffer, making its safety all the more important.