1. Window desk

The window desk is a portable, adjustable desk in which you can use to work from any place you are. It can be easily mounted to a window since it quite firm and stable. The window desk does a perfect job in helping you create a modern, minimalist space since, given its size, it occupies the least amount of space in an office. It enables you to do away with the traditional office desks, which take up a large amount of space in the office and are quite rigid. The window desk has a myriad of benefits, besides the fact that it occupies the least amount of space in the office, the window desk also gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere. The window desk also boosts the health of its users by encouraging good posture and reducing eye strain, both of which are common problems which affect employees who seat all day. It also increases productivity as it keeps you on your feet all day and you will thus not feel lazy as you would while seated on a couch.

  1. Organize your office

In order to achieve that clean, modern, minimalist look in your office, then it is best to arrange your office space and get rid of any clutter lying around.  Invest in a storage facility in which you can easily store away all your files and paperwork in a neat and orderly manner. Consider one that has both shelves and drawers so that you can securely lock away any important confidential files or documents in the drawers. Go for a piece that is vertical as they tend to occupy less space as compared to horizontal furniture. Better yet, if possible, go digital and create an online filing system for your office. This will help you cut down on paper expenses and will also help you create a minimalist office space, as well as enable you to keep up with modern technological office trends.

  1. Pay attention to your office décor

When buying some decorative pieces, it best to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Bombarding your office with all sorts of paintings, sculptures, plants and other items will make your office look cluttered and disorganized and a particular individual will not even get to notice the beauty of these items since they will probably be overwhelmed by the large quantities of the same. Less is more, and as such, invest in few art pieces, paying attention to their quality and also to their sizes as they have to be proportional to the size of the office. For a more natural and earthy look, you may bring one or two potted plants to the office. Moreover, pick the right color schemes and textures for the office and try to focus on more neutral colors which help to strike the perfect balance between formality and a little bit of casualness and warmth. Ensure that you match your wall colors with a few items in the office such as cushions and furniture.

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