3 Types Of Websites That Can Make You Money In 2020

With more people facing unemployment, and working from home becoming the norm, the online job market is more competitive than ever. However, there are still endless opportunities online, considering the potential scalability of any website.

That said, you need to be strategic in how you go about creating a website that makes money. Some of the old staples are no longer profitable, while new kinds of websites are bringing in steady income for many individuals.

Make sure you know all about the technical details, including hosting and web design. For a traffic-heavy website, research the difference between Solid State and traditional hard drives for web hosting. Your website needs to be fast and reliable, no matter how you intend to use it to make money.

Here are 3 types of websites that can make you money in 2020.

Professional freelance website

The gig economy is growing, with more companies and individuals dipping their toes in. The benefits of hiring freelancers online keep increasing, especially in a world where people can’t go into the office anyway.

You can profit from the gig economy by building a professional freelance website. While you can take the quicker route and join a website like Upwork or Fiverr, the clients on those sites are generally looking for cheap labor. If you position yourself as a business, you can make much more.

You don’t even need much capital to start putting your skills to work. Simply get web hosting and an easy-to-use CMS and create an attractive website that showcases exactly what you can do.

Product reviews

You might think that there are more than enough reviews online for any given product, but the truth is that customers are constantly looking for more authorities on the subject. They want to know from as many third-party sources that a product or service is worth the money. You can make a lot of money from affiliate links if you are doing reviews.

The key is to find a profitable niche and to begin to make a name for yourself as a reputable source. So, while it is in your best interests that your readers buy the products you review, they will only do so if they know they can trust you.

You can start writing reviews immediately if you have some knowledge of an industry. It is one of the most surefire ways to make money online in 2020.


Blogs are still a reliable way of making money online in 2020. A good website that provides consistent value in terms of ideas or information will always draw visitors. People read more in online blogs than they do in newspapers or books.

This can also be enjoyable for you, as you discuss topics that are close to your heart or that make use of your wealth of knowledge. You can build up a readership and have interesting discussions.

A blog will make you good money if you use Google Adsense and affiliate links. There is still a lot of income to be made online in 2020, even with a more saturated market.