3 Ultimate VPN Service Providers For Internet Users From The US


We are, of course, adults here and we can only laugh from numerous conspiracy theories. But, despite our tinfoil hats are hidden deeply within the closet, we still know that the government is spying on us. It’s just a given fact.

You can say whatever you want about Edward Joseph Snowden – but the guy had some valid points. Yes CIA, NSA or FBI might be doing what they must to protect American people, but that does not mean we should tolerate such a treatment. Some of us want privacy online. That’s where these VPN providers step in.

Best VPN service providers in the US

When it comes to usa vpn services, they seem to be all around you. Yet some are simply worth than others. They are either slower or weaker or suffer from poor encryption. It’s the normal way of things on the market – some products are not as good as others.

Luckily there are these 4 bad boys you can’t go wrong with! Let’s make the long story short and cut straight to the chase, shall we?

Express VPN
This is a really simple service you won’t have much trouble with. No special knowledge is required for adjusting everything. ExpressVPN works on Linux, Window, Mac, Android and iOS.

You can pay up with 23 different methods that vary from credit card to Bitcoin transfers. The best part – it falls under British Virgin Islands laws. What’s so great about it? NSA has no jurisdiction.

Rate: 5/5
Price: $8.32 per month

Nord VPN
This system is a real powerhouse, because guys behind Nord take encryption very seriously. You will be getting the “Double VPN” instead of the regular one. AES-256-CBC runs two times instead of just one.

NordVPN, despite headquartered in Panama has a really great client support team. On the downside – their prices are higher (for some services) and load speeds are slower (for all of them).

Rate: 4/4
Price: $5.75 per month

No paying government will have access to your logs as Buffered is not a subject to neither Five Eyes nor DRD. Another pleasant feature is the fact that you are free to connect up to five devices at once to Buffered.

This platform provides the highest speeds in this list. Thus if streaming content is your goal – you have found your champion! This takes place because their services are located in 34 countries. They are really close to you.

Oh, and they have a 30 day guarantee that means you will be refunded if the services were not to your liking.

Rate: 4.5/5
Price: $8.25 per month

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