3 Ways That Technology Is Changing the Bus Industry

When we talk of traveling around the world, the mode of transport used is not complete without mentioning the bus industry. It is widely used around the globe and people commute daily using them because of so many benefits accrued to them. It is for this reason that buses have been modified over time and technology has played a big role to change the bus industries. Initially, buses had nothing much to offer as far as technology is concerned and most things were manually done. With the various technological advances of this day and age, however, the road networks have huge improved and as a matter of fact, most people today find themselves commuting using buses even when they have their own rides. There are several factors have helped to explain the technology and the big impact it has helped in changing the bus industry but the focus will be three main one as seen below.

Travelers Connectivity

People all around the globe are well connected, mobile phones, for instance, have played a major role to do business. While on board, traveler experience is always taken seriously by bus companies, amid the stiff competition in the industry. Needless to mention, customer preference mostly depends on the quality of service they get when they travel. Nowadays buses come installed with features to support today’s gadgets of connectivity. For instance, some buses come with charging sockets next to passenger seats where they can fix charging plugs for mobile phones. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity in commute buses isn’t something new. When you travel in Wi-Fi connected buses it is possible to respond to emails and make a request for deliveries even on board.


All over the world, security has been a major concern. When people travel, they want to feel that their security is guaranteed. With the increased threat of terrorism, nobody wishes to feel insecure on board. Most bus line companies over time, have tried to improve security of their travelers. Normally when people travel, it not guaranteed that they know people on board. There is likelihood of traveling alongside strangers. Most bus companies have their buses installed with CCTV surveillance for vigilance purposes, which obviously improves security in more than a few ways. Organizations that rent buses for events, tours, and parties from companies such as Price 4 Limo & Party Bus Rental often prefer buses with CCTV in place.

Online Booking

It is nowadays possible to catch a bus through online booking. Physical presence is not a must; you can acquire travels ticket through online booking. Reservation of seats is guaranteed when booking is done promptly. Commuters proximity to the bus stop is not always at close proximity and chances of missing a commuter bus are high especially when one is far from the stop. Most bus companies today have smartphone apps dedicated to online booking, making it easy for travelers to book their seats. In such a case, there is no need to put up payment kiosks for the same ticket. By so doing convenience is guaranteed as no much need for human services.

In conclusion, therefore, technology has played a vital role in changing the bus industry over time. It has become a preferred mode for majority commuters. The above underlying factors need not be taken for granted if buses are to remain a relevant mode in the transport sector.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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