300 NVIDIA CMP Mining Cards Seized By Hong Kong Customs

MyDrivers reports that Hong Kong customs has seized 300 NVIDIA CMP mining cards. The website did not mention the reason that why the cards were seized, but it can be linked to the all-time high price of Bitcoin and the ban of crypto mining farms by the Chinese authorities.

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The Bitcoin and Ethereum mining craze is at its peak, and with both the cryptocurrencies hitting a new record value, the mining farm owners are finding it difficult to get new graphic cards. In this regard, NVIDIA had launched its new CMP (Crypto Mining Processor) series. The shipping was expected in the first quarter, but only Palit and Gigabyte have released the cards so far. This could translate to production delays or no advertisement from NVIDIA’s board partners. The reason behind no advertisement might be because some rumors state the cards are manufactured on demand.

Moreover, earlier this year, China imposed bans on mining farms that were profiting from the cheap electricity as a sudden increase in mining operations in areas like Inner Mongolia resulted in increased electricity demand. As per a previous estimate, China alone supplies 65% of the global mining power requirements. This resulted in a ban on crypto mining operations, and authorities have ordered the closure of all the existing farms.

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A little about the CMP series, there are four available cards in the series. The cards have a TU116 GPU with 1408 CUDA cores that are paired with 6GB GDDR6 RAM. The difference between the Geforce and CMP series is the lack of display capabilities along with the tools used for graphical rendering such as ROPs, TMUs, Tensors are non-functional.

Via MyDrivers