4 Myths about Apple That You Need to Know

The debate of who between Apple and its peers is better has been going on for a very long time. You’d always meet a stark Apple supporter and someone who always has a few arguments to cancel out Apple products.

But, in between conversations, many things are said, which can even be real-time myths. Want to know what? Read this article because we will take you through the top 4 Myths that have been going on and on around the surface about Apple and its products.

Mac Is a No Fuss Laptop

A Mac can last you for years, but it will come to an end at one point. The heating issues, hindrance in the processor speed, everything will crop up on the laptop.

At the same time, if you think about the memory and its effect on the speed of a Mac, there is a twist over there as well. Macbooks have two memory drives, primary and secondary. Once the primary disk fills up, the load is transferred to the second virtual disk, but once both of them are full of files and software, your system will crash ultimately.

Mac Is Inconsistent With OS Updates

The idea of Apple struggling with updates for its operating system is far-fetched. If anything, these updates occur more often than one might expect, particularly when you compare them to other operating systems.

If you were to compare macos monterey vs big sur performance and changes, you would see how much has changed and what MacBook users can expect in the near future.

Mac Will Never Get Virus
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This idea is presumably the most well-known as it is seen that Macs don’t get infected with a virus, whereas Windows computers do. This is bogus since no working framework is resistant to malware, including macOS.

Sure, the overall cases of macOS infected with malware or other threats might not be too high, but it would be unreasonable to avoid all the possible threats.

macOS might not be as popular as Windows, but it can still become a target for a hacker attack.

Mac Is Best for Creators

Over a few decades, PC engineers have always been in rivalry with Mac, and thus their plans are comparatively simple to use, like Windows XP and Windows Vista. They have fostered their work process style that may not be as insignificant as the Mac yet is still cordial and usable.

Eventually, picking either MacBook and PC is an individual decision for the creator. Typically, schools have both PC and Macs accessible so understudies can figure out how to plan on the two machines. Most of the big corporations work on Macs.

In any case, some organizations additionally use PCs or let the creator decide which alternative they want to pick. Our recommendation is to have the option to deal with both Mac and PC, just as we know the advantages and disadvantages of every PC.

MacBooks have been a norm for quite a long time for visualisers and producers (Final Cut, Procreate, which are Apple’s own products, are industry-standard). Yet, for 3D works like delivering, Windows machines have been the foundation.

Since Macs and Windows machines share Intel and Nvidia processors, the distinctions vanish in the engine, and it’s entirely the creator’s decision as to which device gives them the best results.

Mac Lacks Hardware Updates
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Apple as a company has always believed in innovation as well as customer retention. If you think it through, there must be a reason why so many people have been loyal Apple users for a long period of time, even when Apple’s post-sales service is not up to the mark.

The phone is too delicate for a person to handle; hence, a single scratch, drop, or accident can take out a few dollars from your pocket as a repair charge. Apple for long was dependent on Intel chips, but the time was not too far when Apple started to launch its Apple chip.

Final Thoughts

All the Apple products come with a certain kind of class. Plus, given the price that you pay on buying a product, you pretty much get the best return on investment that any company can guarantee. The Apple products are designed with utmost concentration keeping the customers in mind.

But, if you give it a thorough thought, then you’d realize how there is no other company like Apple that has been able to pull off marketing campaigns in such a way. You will always see people outside retail stores whenever a new product is launched because everyone wants to get the first device which is pretty much their USP.