4A Games removes Denuvo from METRO Exodus

4A Games made a new hotfix for its Metro Exodus which removes Denuvo system from its game. This applies to those who have the copy in Steam, EPIC and Xbox PC game passes. Since the game’s release on February 15th, 2019, 4A Games has been using Denuvo digital rights protection system. However, it was also bypassed soon after the release.

Domino effect for Denuvo?

Denuvo has two main system- content protection and anti-cheat system. But they’re very controversial because of the way it functions. Therefore, it leaves a bad aftertaste among gamers. DOOM Eternal received Denuvo’s anti-cheat system in the game’s first update. It was later decided to remove it following community backlash. The backlash was warranted considering the numerous complaints about performance drops its invasive method. One cant help but be curious about the reason to do so on a year-old game. We’ll just have to see how many games follow suit.

There were other updates included with this hotfix. It includes a fix for ‘Sam’s Story’. It also fixes an issue concerning the save backup on EPIC games.

Metro: Exodus May 27th Patch Release Notes
  • Removed Denuvo from Steam, Epic, Xbox PC Gamepass versions.
  • Fixed the rapidly discharging filter issue in Sam’s Story on all platforms (extreme timer depletion in fog).
  • Added save backup functionality for Epic version in case of cloud save malfunction.
  • Browse to the default save folder to find a “.backup” folder.
  • Fixed camera rotation issue with latest Nvidia Ansel update.
  • Fixed various crashes.

Source: 4A Games (Steam)

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