5 Best Laptops For Students In 2022

The world has changed entirely post COVID. For last two years we saw the world shutting down, staying inside and doing its best to go through this pandemic. Most of the instructions like schools, colleges, etc. Were closed to ensure safety. Companies came up with (work from home) as a solution for most of their employees. Since students couldn’t go to the school physically, teachers and faculties started giving lectures online and virtual classes become a day to day practice.

These days knowledge has changed its place from books in the library to phone and laptops via internet. Students nowadays study on their phones and laptops from websites like hq essay. Reading and learning from books is becoming a talk of yesterday. When students study on their laptops, they can perform more operation than just learning. Watching videos, coding, taking lectures from a teacher, these are some the benefits of studying on laptops rather than reading a book. Laptops provide more options then just reading, so a student should know which laptop to purchase so that he can perform all the necessary things that will help him with his studies.

Here are 5 best laptops from 2022

  1. HP Envy 13

This is the best laptop for a student in the market right now. With faster performance than before and much more amazing features, this laptop ranks number one. With a display of 13.3 inch and 1080p display, this laptop gives you awesome experience when you watch a video. This laptop has 11Gen core i5 CPU which makes it the best choice.

  1. MacBook Air

If you are looking for a laptop in macOS rather than windows 10, MacBook is the best choice for you. With it’s high better life, price range of just $999 and 13.3 inch comparable screen, this is the second best choice.

  1. Dell XPS 13

Powered by 11th Gen Intel core i7 processor, this is the third best choice for a student. This laptop contains Intel Iris Xe graphics with a backup of 11 hours. This model is lighter than the previous one and has much more processing power. You get 13.4 inch of display in Dell XPS 13

  1. HP Envy x360 13

This laptop is one of the best laptops that you’ll get under just $1000. Because of its outstanding performance, 1080p bright display and long battery life, this laptop stands fourth on our list. Since this laptop doesn’t have an IR camera and thunderbolt 3 port, therefore this laptop comes a little lower in our list. Although there is very less to complain about this laptop since it is the best thing in its price rarange.

  1. Apple MacBook pro

Apple MacBook pro stands fifth in our list of top 5 laptops for students. Lightning fast SSD, excellent battery life, great Webcam and gaming performance makes this laptop preferable. MacBook pro might be more powerful than any PC in the market right now. The only flaw this laptop seems to have is not enough ports. Webcam in 720p looks better than before in this version. This is a very good choice in its price range.