5 Best Student Planner Apps For Studying

Being a student is not a walk in the park. Meanwhile, many leisure opportunities are passing by you are assigned to complete numerous written tasks. Many students today make a smart move applying to writing services. These platforms offer a chance to buy essay online and skip the writing routine. Picking such a service, pay attention to reviews and guarantees to make sure the platform is trustworthy.

Today students get countless abilities to simplify their studying routine. Thanks to the worldwide web, you make your learning process more comfortable by staying at your cozy home and study remotely. Besides, you can use modern apps that help to plan your schedule. These apps remind you about deadlines and much more. We have gathered information on the best Android, iOS, and desktop student planner apps for studying in the article below. Check them out to boost your effectiveness.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Assuming MS Outlook is a simple good old classic in planning, we recommend taking a closer look at what it can offer. You will see that the app is not only an extended calendar but also combines emails. Notes, documents, etc. keeping all your data in one place. Moreover, MS Outlook makes a great combination with another MS app Sunrise Calendar. You will store together all the events, for example, exams and consultations adding them with notes and other relevant data.

  1. myHomework

This app is very sought-after among students and is considered one of the best student apps. This student planner suits plenty of modern platforms (IOS, Android). The app allows getting notifications on upcoming tests and exams, schedule your homework, add files, and much more. One of the ultimate features of myHomework is the ability to synchronize it across all the platforms you use. This app is also popular among teachers, especially when demand for online learning became higher.

  1. Wunderlist

This ultimate app for daily planning is useful and irreplaceable in boosting your studying effectiveness. It was developed for students to provide practical assistance in planning routine. In addition to daily schedules, test reminders, etc., the app allows planning free time, including trips, hobbies, friends’ gatherings, shopping lists, and much more. In the current years, balance in all life areas is the key to success, and Wunderlist is irreplaceable.

  1. Trello

Trello is in high demand for people who are used to exploit boards. The app offers a flexible way of daily planning that allows leading big and small projects effectively. One of Trello’s best features is the ability to share your boards with other team members and combine several different boards into one project. The app is irreplaceable for remote working in teams as it allows tracking all the changes in calendars and makes progress in effectively organizing work. You can use Trello for your solo projects as well. A beautifully designed, user-friendly interface and customization possibilities make this app stand out.

  1. Google Calendar

And the last, however not the least, app in our selection is the well-known multifunctional Google Calendar. The app is perfect for desktop use and suitable for IOS and Android. Numerous features and functions make this app useful for students and teachers. Google calendar is irreplaceable when it comes to effective schedule synchronizing. The app enables integration with other apps, email, etc.

Using these apps will make your studying much more productive and free more time for your favorite activities aside from learning. Choose the best among them and start organizing your daily routine.