5 Emojis That Represent Love Besides the Heart Emojis

Many people think that Valentine’s Day is the only day love is expressed. Showing love must be an everyday thing, especially to your loved ones, friends, and even to plants and animals. Today’s society thinks that love is now within more communities, like towards the LGBTQ+ community and the indigenous people. Unfortunately, since the global pandemic started, going out on dates with your partners, family, friends have been limited.

With rising technology, there are ways to express love to people. You can now send heartwarming messages via various messaging apps. If you want to be more creative, emojis are there to give life to your messages. While the red heart is the most common symbol of love, other emojis can represent the same thing. Like the orange heart meaning giving support and building close relationships. Here are five more emojis you can use to say the three special words.

1.  Bring Your Love to the Next Level With the Ring Emoji

Couples who have been in long romantic relationships, always desire to take their relationship to the next level and wish to tie the knot to be with each other forever. The man often makes the first move when it comes to asking their partner for their hand in marriage. Sometimes, they would set up a beautiful dinner date, play some music, and dance around. Then he would pull out the precious ring and kneel to ask the life-changing question: “will you marry me?” Once the woman says yes, they hug, cry, and plan the next step. The ring is a significant symbol in relationships because it symbolizes a bond that will last forever.

The newly engaged couple can flex their uniquely made ring by using the ring emoji. But single people do not need to fret because they can also show off their beautiful and maybe even luxury accessories with the same emoji.

2.  Tell Your Loved Ones That They Are Special With the Gem Stone Emoji

Gemstones are sparkly, elegant, and colorful versions of pebbles. These stones are the hardest to find, which makes them so valuable. The same goes for our loved ones, they are worthy of love every day, and it would be great to show them that.

The gemstone emoji is one of the stand out emojis because of its design and color. Sending the gemstone emoji to someone you find special will convey that they are deserving of love. Since real-life stones are expensive, the gemstones emoji will do it for now. Anyone will feel appreciated when they receive a digitized gemstone.

3.  Show Extra Sweetness With the Kiss Mark Emoji

The kiss mark is also a love symbol, especially for romantic love like the red heart. Marking a kiss on your partner’s cheeks will make them feel special and loved. It will be even more special if his love language is physical touch and quality time.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has limited our physical contact with other people, even our loved ones. So the best way to express that love, even if you and your partner are apart, is to send the kiss mark emoji. It can also be the perfect way to say I miss you and I love you.

4.  Give Anyone Some Comfort With the Hugging Face Emoji

The sad reality is that everyone goes through problems and challenges. Although some people can endure it and solve it, many are also struggling and could use some people to run to. Anyone feeling down would appreciate a warm hug from close friends and family. Studies show that hugging can reduce anxiety and stress. It even helps improve heart health and overall well-being. Giving hugs can also help the brain release oxytocin, the happy hormone.

Just like kissing, hugging has also been limited since the pandemic. Fortunately, the hugging face emoji is available to send some hugs even if you are far from your friends. The happy expression on this emoji conveys positivity and love.

5.  Express Your Love for Animals With the Paw Prints Emoji

The paw prints emoji is a symbol of the man’s best friend, the dog. We all know that dogs have a special place in people’s hearts, and they can also be part of every family. But the paw prints emoji means a lot more than just the dogs because all animals are special and deserve protection and love. They are just as important as human beings. Each species’s life is precious, and we must take care of their natural habitats or bring them to our homes if possible.

You can use the paw prints emoji to show your support for animal welfare campaigns and pet adoption programs. Animals do not deserve to be tortured and left behind. Yes, even the ones that are dangerous to humans. The best way to deal with these animals is to let them be free in the wild and leave their habitat alone.


Love is an unmeasurable element, and everyone deserves to get some in their lives. It also would not hurt to spread love, respect, and acceptance from time to time. Make sure to express love not just to your romantic partner but also to family and friends. If you want to know more new ways to express love in a fun and creative way, you can visit EmojiGuide.com.