5 LinkedIn growth strategies to follow in 2021

When we talk about professional networking online, LinkedIn is hands down the winner. With 740 million users, LinkedIn is the largest B2B platform in the world. It is often said that you cannot claim your business name as a brand unless it is on LinkedIn! This is not a joke because you will find more than 30 million business pages of different companies around the world on this networking platform. LinkedIn is super effective from many perspectives. So, you should have a particular time and strategy to grow your LinkedIn profile. We are going to share some LinkedIn growth strategies in this post.

Set particular goals

Random endeavors for LinkedIn growth won’t be effective at the end of the day. You are using this platform for a purpose for sure. What is that? It might be branding your business, selling products, engaging target audiences, or generating quality leads. Decide one which is your prime concern. When you are clear about your goal, it becomes easy to achieve.

Optimize your profile

Profile optimization is a pivotal step in LinkedIn growth. It requires both accommodating with LinkedIn algorithms and developing powerful strategies accordingly to reach the target audience. The major purpose of optimizing a profile is to make you more visible to others in the same industry and location. So, you have to work with specific keywords and hashtags carefully. You can take professional advice from GOSO Official too.

Write valued articles and posts

LinkedIn is different from other social networks because it let you write articles and share them publicly. If maintaining a blog bothers you, LinkedIn publishing is the ready-made solution. You don’t even need to think about traffic since the LinkedIn algorithm helps you reach the right audience. Writing articles and posts about industry trends, informative guides, and thought leadership will boost your personal branding and grow your LinkedIn presence parallelly.

Join industry-based group

LinkedIn groups are powerhouses that can seriously spring up the growth. The groups are full of similar-minded people who help to reinforce your connections. Groups are ideal places where you can discuss with others in the same industries. Besides, you can share your relevant content in groups to boost your website traffic. So, joining pertinent LinkedIn groups always helps you for better networking and acquiring new clients.

Focus on personalized InMail

InMail is a unique feature in LinkedIn. You can utilize it to grow connections and reach out to specific users like a job candidate or an industry leader. Unfortunately, people have misused the opportunity horribly. Some people often send spam messages which is a negative use of such a powerful tool. You should avoid these practices anyhow. Rather, you need to focus on sending personalized InMails to others with the purpose of growing your profile. so, write a pitch creatively that makes the recipient feel special.

If you try to grow your profile in the mentioned way, LinkedIn will grow you back in return. In the case of growth, LinkedIn is suitable for any type and size of business.