5 Reasons To Use A VPN on Firestick & Fire TV While Streaming

The internet is at the center of everything in today’s world. It’s useful across many services, from making online transactions to streaming content. However, one challenge that arises is the higher chances of security risks such as hacking and data theft. Is this something that concerns you when watching movies, streaming content, and TV shows online? If it’s, the perfect solution would be to install NordVPN on Firestick.

With this VPN, you get to enjoy a secure and safe internet connection. The days of worrying about the possibility of any security threat due to the leaking of personal details will be a thing of the past. Here are five benefits you’ll get to enjoy for using a VPN on Firestick and Fire TV while streaming.

  1. Bypass Censorship

Some countries such as China, Iran, UAE, and Saudi Arabia restrict access to specific platforms. For example, these restricted platforms include YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Google. This means you can’t stream content while in these regions.

When in such places, using a VPN in such circumstances will be essential. With the VPN, you can change your IP address to another geographical location where such restrictions don’t exist. It also encrypts your online activity. It’s easy to circumvent such government restrictions and have access to any desired website.

  1. Privacy and Security

Using the firestick, you can download and stream content from various sources. The issue arises when you download or stream copyrighted content, copyright agencies. This usually happens because copyright agencies closely monitor torrents. If you’re caught, you’ll have to deal with legal consequences for your actions.

If you wish to avoid this from happening, it’s best you use a VPN whenever you are streaming or downloading content. With one, all your internet activities will be encrypted and tunneled securely via a VPN server. Thanks to encryption and tunneling, you’ll be invisible to any prying eye. The reason for this is that they can only see the VPN traffic, which won’t leak your identity even if it’s intercepted. Therefore, you need not wait any longer to install a VPN on your firestick. With one, you’ll safeguard yourself from cybercriminals, law enforcers, copyright agencies, and internet service providers.

  1. Avoid ISP Throttling

The throttling of internet bandwidth is a common thing internet providers do. This usually happens, especially when they realize you’re streaming content. One of the reasons they do this is by prioritizing higher paying customers during peak hours when internet speed might be slower. They also do this when you’re using a competitor’s streaming service and hope to get rid of this competition. As a result, you get to experience lots of lagging and buffering, leading to low-quality streaming.

If you don’t want to suffer this injustice, it’s best you use a VPN. With one, your internet bandwidth won’t be throttled due to the encryptions that are in place.

  1. Safe Browsing On Public Networks

Does your job entail a lot of travelling? If so, there’s a high likelihood you often use public wireless networks to access the internet. However, these networks have almost non-existent security. It’s easy for anyone to know whatever you’re browsing immediately when you connect to these networks. If you’re accessing sensitive information such as company details or banking details, such information might find itself in the wrong hands.

With a VPN, this isn’t something you ever need to worry about. The reason for this is that your online activities and details will be secured.

  1. Unblock Geo-Restricted Services

The strict regulations enforced by content copyright authorities ensure certain content can only be accessed in certain locations. These measures have forced content providers to put in place methods of observing the set guidelines. One of these measures is geo-restrictions, which ensure all copyright requirements are met. This is very unfair, especially if you travel a lot as it means you can’t access your favorite content when traveling to a different country.

For example, Netflix is segmented, and it only allows users in the USA to obtain access to the largest and best library of movies and TV shows. The same is also seen with the BBC iPlayer that can only be accessed while in Great Britain. Other examples of geo-restricted services include but are not limited to Spotify, HBO, and Hulu.

If you don’t want to be locked out from accessing any of these services, getting a VPN will be vital. When you want to stream content only available to US residents, you’ll need to connect to a US server. You’ll then get assigned an IP address in the USA because your internet traffic looks like it’s originating from the US, whereas you’re in a different location.