5 Reasons Why CSGO Is The Best FPS Shooter

The reasons for CSGO dominating the FPS shooter scene are not far-fetched, with its uniqueness seen in its game mechanics, skins, variable betting markets, and eSports scene. This article will detail these reasons comprehensively and show why CS: GO is the best FPS shooter game ever.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fifth installment of the Counter-Strike series developed by Valve in 2012. The game is a multiplayer first-person shooter that has paved the way for many other video games, including the fast-rising action game, Valorant. It’s been over ten years since the game launched, and it has remained a discipline in the eSports field.

The gameplay remains one of the biggest influences on FPS shooter games over the last decade, having five individuals per team in terrorism vs. anti-terrorism campaigns. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive encompasses a lot of features that make it stand out from every other game, including weapons, skins, mechanics, and game graphics.

CS: GO also paved the way for eSports betting, becoming the most widely accepted and popular eSports betting market across betting sites. The tournaments, teams, and skins gave CS: GO betting the most lucrative odds, hence the most patronized eSports betting option in the industry.

CS: GO has scaled greatly since its inception to provide jobs for several individuals via pro gaming, content creation, live streaming, journalism, coaching, and a host of other roles. These features keep the game revered and highly regarded in the eSports field.

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Why CS: GO Is The Best FPS Shooter Game

Aside from the life-changing impact the FPS game has had on individuals; the game has spectacular features that keep it relevant among the sea of FPS games today. These features have kept the game on top of the list of gamers since its inception and no doubt will remain so for years to come. These features are discussed in the following headers.

Understandable Game Mechanics

The game mechanics of CS: GO are quite straightforward, intuitive, and effortless. A newbie will have no problem grasping the controls and dynamics of the game within minutes of playing. It’s a game that’s centered on killing your opposing teams, and if you can grasp how to move, load a gun, and shoot, you’ve already mastered a good part of the game.

Its learning curve is flat, and you can get the hang of the weapons after a few rounds. The map also poses no difficulty, and you can easily discern what weapon will be good for what map depending on your preferences. And if you’re finding it hard to grasp the mechanics, there’s an FAQ page to answer your questions, or you can turn to the vast community of gamers across social platforms. The game also has a theme of learning as you advance because the action gets more serious as you up your skills.

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Challenging As Much As It’s Fun

The game remains the best FPS shooter game in the industry for its challenges and the entertainment you get from them. As you improve your skills, you’ll get more intense challenges that bring fun into the game. In addition, you get to play with skillful players that help you improve your skills and hopefully attain the status of pro player if you want to explore that option.

CS: GO pays attention to tournaments and multiplayer actions, and even as a spectator, you get to be highly intrigued by watching other players coordinate and show mastery in combat.

The Esports Scene

The first CS: GO major tournament was held in 2013, a year after its release, offering a pool prize of $250,000. However, the game has evolved beyond imagination such that there are major tournaments organized by different brands with pool prizes of up to $1 million. The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) and Professional Gamers League (PGL) organize major tournaments yearly that break records in the eSports field.

PGL Stockholm Major 2021 remains the most watched eSports tournament ever, with 2.7 million viewers worldwide. However, this record is expected to be broken soon, again by another CS: GO tournament.

Variable Betting Markets

You can bet on Counter Strike:Global Offensive on several eSports betting sites worldwide. This is because CS: GO is the best and leading gambling market in the eSports scene. There’s virtually no other game as huge as CS: GO on the eSports betting market. A CS: GO bet can fetch you millions in payout with the lucrative odds attached to the predictions. You can bet on teams, events, whole tournaments, skins, and even weapons used by players.

The game is packed with so much action that betting sites have dedicated pages to give tips and guides to punters. There’s also a massive wealth of data on the internet about CS: GO tournaments, past and upcoming, to make informed and accurate predictions before you wager.


One of the most remarkable features about CS: GO is the weapon skins that are dropped in games or purchased on steam community markets. Although these skins do not actively contribute to your gameplay, they’re highly revered by players and have become a means of investment for several people. Some CS: GO skins sell for millions of dollars on the market due to how rare they appear in games.


CS: GO has held the title of the best FPS shooter game for years, according to arguments from top players. It does not seem to be releasing the title soon, with the constant updates incorporated by Valve to render the game evergreen!