5 Things to Consider When Developing a Video Game

When developing a video game for online play, any tech hiccup can make the development process hectic and emotionally draining. The worst thing would be coming across a problem that could have otherwise been avoided. That’s why you need to consider the following 5 things before starting your game development process.

1. Get the Best Dedicated Server

Developing a good quality video game requires the right hosting. With video games moving online, you need a quality server that is able to run 24/7 throughout the year. Due to modern games being compute-intensive, there’s no better option than to have a dedicated server. A dedicated server offers better performance and flexibility than a shared one. This is because shared servers have limited bandwidth, poor loading speeds and you have to compete with other users. Have a look around and do some research to find a dedicated server hosting for video games that suits you.

2. Create a Prototype before Releasing the Actual Game

Coming up with a prototype and sharing it can help you get honest reviews and positive criticism from users. You can use triangles, squares, lines or any other simple object to come up with a prototype. Do people find your game fun to play? Is the game-play too difficult or easy to master? Share the prototype with a few friends, gaming community or family members to see their reaction and reviews. Don’t be afraid of negative criticism. Look forward to any form of feedback because it will help you correct the flaws in your project.

3. The Graphics and User Interface

It’s easy for people to judge a game based on its graphics and user interface. Although developing a game with great graphics might cost you more, the investment will pay off. The same goes to the user interface. You don’t want to create a game with a menu that is tedious and boring for the players. This can discourage users not to continue with the game. Although most developers work on menus and HUD (Heads Up Display) at the last stages of developing a game, these are very crucial elements that should not be overlooked.

4. Come up with a Good Game Concept

No matter the kind of graphics, user interface or HUD you have, the concept is what makes the game interesting. Just like a book’s content is more important than the cover, your game’s concept is very crucial. There should be a great idea behind your project to make it successful. For instance, a game like Angry Birds is not popular because of its graphics but the idea behind it. The rules have to be acceptable to your users to make your game more enjoyable and successful.

5. Work on the Controls

Your hard work of developing a good quality game can be jeopardized by poor gaming controls. Frequent gamers look for something that makes the virtual gaming look and feel real. This is only possible when the controls look, feel, and work perfectly. Whether your game is designed to use touchscreen, keyboard or a console gamepad, make sure the players don’t reach a point where they feel like smashing the control in frustration. The inability of a controller to perform its intended task can spoil the whole gaming experience.

Bottom Line

Developing a successful video game requires harmonization of all gaming aspects such as the graphics, concept, controls, and servers among others. It’s the little bits that count. Failure to get some simple things right during development can make the entire project flop. Make sure you get a quality host to avoid down time.

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