5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Gaming Console

When purchasing a gaming console, it’s reasonable to plan on using it for several years. If you want to get the most out of your system and enjoy it for five years or longer, it’s essential to maintain and clean it regularly. By following our five simple tips, you’re sure to maximize the life of your gaming console.

1.    Clean and Dust

Cleaning your game console is the first step involved in extending its lifespan. Every time you are finished playing for the day, you should wipe down and dust off your system. After all, dust and dirt buildup is the main reason gaming consoles go to an early grave. When you dust and clean the system daily, you allow proper ventilation to flow through and prevent your console from overheating and burnout.

While we’re still on the dusting subject, it’s important to note that this isn’t the time to use your lemon Pledge! Electronics and moisture are almost always a terrible combination. Only use a dry dust cloth for console cleaning; a wet paper towel or dust cloth won’t work. All it takes is a tiny amount of moisture from a cleaning spray to seep into the console and wreak havoc.

Now that you know how to tidy up the exterior, let’s talk about internal cleaning. Using a can of compressed air is the best way to keep dust out of the inside of your console. Aim it towards the fan to knock away any accumulated dust. To ensure you’re pushing dust out of the console, rather than inwards, aim the airstream so that it’s parallel to the opening. Never blow dust into the machine if you want to keep it running long.

2.    Be Cautious of the Lens

One of the most critical parts of the gaming console is the lens that reads the game CD. Even laying a single finger on it could mean the end of the console as you know it.

If you damage the lens, you’ll probably have to send it in for a repair, which could cost you more than it’s worth. It’s possible to fix the lens yourself, but you need to be comfortable with disassembling the system and putting it back together.

Better not to mess it up in the first place, right?

3.    Keep Things Right Side Up

Some gaming systems seem like they’re better off standing on their side because of their appearance. However, we recommend keeping them facing upwards. Doing otherwise may reduce ventilation and attract dirt and dust buildup. Additionally, be mindful of keeping things off of your gaming system. Objects tend to damage internal gaming components.

4.    Keep It Out of The Heat and Cold

A hot room is no place to leave your gaming console. Too much heat can warp the case and even fry critical parts. Nevertheless, cold temperatures can be just as damaging. The best place to leave it is at room temperature between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit.

5.    Beware Of USB Fans

We talk a lot here about keeping your unit cool, so why shouldn’t you use a USB fan? Although USB fans can help keep things cool, they do require more power to run. And unfortunately, over time, this does generate more heat.

There are some ways to use a USB fan safely, however. For starters, don’t keep it on for more than four hours while you play. Instead, turn it on after about an hour of gaming, when things start to heat up. Additionally, you can try using a USB fan that runs on a phone charger for power. That way, you’ll keep air moving throughout the vents of your console without generating internal heat.

By applying these steps, you’ll be better prepared to keep your console in prime condition and lasting for the years to come.