6 Myths About E-Bikes That You Should Stop Believing Right Now

In today’s time, transportation has started moving towards more eco-friendly options. This is why electric cars have become so popular as they run on a battery that can be recharged. Similar to electric vehicles, there are E-bikes as well, which are bikes that run on electricity.

As we all know, an increase in the popularity of anything means that there are bound to be misconceptions and hearsay about them, and today we are going to be telling you 6 myths about E-bikes that you should stop believing right now!

1. You Need a Driver’s License

To get started, here is a common one. A lot of people believe that since the bike has a motor and a battery, you are going to be needing a license in order to ride the bike under regulations. This is not the case at all.

Electric assist bikes may have a motor and battery like other electric vehicles but at the end of the day, it is still a bike with a restricted electric assistance of up to only 15.5mph. Hence, you will not be in trouble as the E-bike still counts as a regular bicycle and, thereby, doesn’t require a license to ride.

2. You Can’t Travel Long-Distances

Another common myth about E-bikes you should stop believing right now is that an electric bike can’t travel very long distances. This is not the case at all. In fact, there are different types of batteries that you can choose from. These batteries can last from 40 to 80+ miles while in paddle assist mode without having to be recharged.

Furthermore, you can use the manual paddle system to go on as well. This means that you don’t always need the assistance of the electric battery to ride the bike. It is up to you how far you can go, since only you know the limits to how far you can paddle without any assistance.

3. A Specialist is Required For Services and Repairs

With technology advancing, these bikes will continue to develop and we might even have hoverbikes someday as well. But this doesn’t mean that E-bikes need specialists of their own to service and repair them.

In fact, these bikes are made in a way that ensures that the bikes can be repaired or serviced at any local cycle shop. In many cases, you can simply do it yourself.

Training and instructions on how to work on an E-bike have been passed around to most local stores and mechanics with its rise in popularity. After all, with the rise in demand for E-bikes, there is bound to be a rise in the demand for repairs and services for those E-bikes as well.

4. E-Bikes Cannot be Used During Rainfall

Since the bicycle has an electric connection, many people assume that the bike should not be used during rainfall. This is not the case at all and is another one of the common myths about E-bikes that you should stop believing right now.

E-bikes are designed to perform at the optimum level regardless of the weather condition. All the electric parts and components are fully waterproof and sealed tight so you can cycle even during the rain with ease.

5. E-Bikes Make People Less Active

Now, one might argue that this is a fact since the paddle assist reduces the physical and mental hurdles you need to cross in order to be a proper cyclist. Although this is true to some extent, there is also the argument that it makes people more active.

An E-bike is going to take away that hurdle, yes, but if it is easier to do, don’t you think that people will go out more? This is why an E-bike is not an unnecessary piece of technology but a very valuable one.

We, humans, seek comfort in whatever we do including travel, and if you have a cycle that paddles on its own, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that it is becoming more popular by the day.

6.  E-bikes Become Outdated Quickly

Finally, on this list of myths about E-bikes you should stop believing right now, is that E-bikes become outdated very quickly. This is not a concern at all because the market for E-bikes is still not mature enough, so there aren’t that many new features or models that could quickly make your bike redundant.

Furthermore, you will have a warranty and an E-bike is designed to perform so it will be functional for many years with the right servicing and repairs. You can also externally upgrade your E-bike ( for example, you can get a bigger battery) if you are insistent on staying ahead of the curve.

In Conclusion

To conclude, there are many things that you will hear people say about E-bikes and most of them are probably not going to be anything concerning at all. There are more myths about E-bikes that you should stop believing right now but the ones we talked about here are the ones you should be mindful of as these are the ones you are going to be hearing the most.

We hope that you enjoyed going through this article and we wish that you have a great time riding on your E-bike. Good luck!