6 Tips to Avoid Endless Buffering While Watching Your Favorite TV show & Movie

Nothing is more painful than endless buffering while you are streaming your favorite TV show or movie. Below I will provide six tips to fix buffering issues so you can enjoy binging to the fullest!

Buffering is the most unwelcome thing when you are streaming your favorite movie or TV show. And it gets more frustrating when you are paying a fair amount of money to your internet service provider. But with the help of a few tips now, you can get rid of these annoying pauses and continuous buffering. Here are six solid tips to avoid endless buffering while binge-watching on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more:

1.Close Other Apps and Programs

While binging your favorite TV or movie on a device that is already running multiple apps or downloads simultaneously, it might be one of the primary reasons for having buffering issues.

Even if the apps and programs that are open in the background do nothing, they still consume a good chunk of system resources and the internet.

So, look for those apps that you are not using while you are watching Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more and close them.

2.Reduce Video Quality

Reducing video quality is another to avoid buffering issues. Especially if you are watching on mobile devices, HD’s content looks as good as you experience while watching in 4K on Smart TV.

All the major streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, provides the option to change the video resolution. So if you are watching on a smaller screen, like smartphones and tablets, lowering resolution from 1080p to 720p or even lower. Result: you get rid of buffering issues, and you can watch your favorite TV show or movie without any pauses.

3.Use VPN that Offers Dedicated Servers for Streaming

Using a VPN can also be a reason that causes endless buffering while binge-watching on geo-block streaming services. This is because not all VPN services out there offer optimized servers for streaming, which makes your internet slower whenever you are trying to access geo-lock videos.

Therefore, to avoid buffering while watching content on geo-block streaming services, use a VPN service that offers optimized servers for streaming. ScreenBinge provides wide solutions to unblock geo-block streaming services with the best VPNs for streaming from anywhere around the globe. For example, suppose you are residing outside the USA and want to access American Netflix or Hulu. In that case, you can access these servers with Netflix VPN and Hulu VPN without any buffering issues and low video quality.

4.Disconnect Other Devices

If there are so many devices connected to your Wi-Fi, they are eating up considerable bandwidth. So if you are having non-stop buffering issues while streaming TV shows or movies, try to disconnect all the other devices that you are not using. This will help to fix buffering while watching a movie or TV show.

5.Clean-Up Cookies and Cache

This is possible the buffering issue you are facing is not because of your internet connection! The problem might be because of the device you are using for streaming, especially browsers. Browsers keep a cache for every domain you visited. So whenever you revisit the site, the browser visits the cache to check if the current content is available. And if it’s there, then it loads the data from there instead of downloading it. The issue? After some time, the browser will get overloaded with useless data that slows it down.

As a result, one easy and fast fix for video buffering problems is to clean up your browser, which involves clearing out cookies and wiping your browsing history. A streamlined browser runs more quickly, which will reduce buffering times.

6.Wired > Wi-Fi Connection While Binge-Watching

This is true that Wi-Fi is far more convenient to use as compared to wired connection while you are binging in home, hotel, or anywhere. However, Wi-Fi can provide fast internet speed but not as fast as Ethernet, aka wired connection.

So if you have a fast internet speed connection, but you are still facing buffering issues while streaming your favorite TV show or movie, I would recommend going for a wired internet connection instead of using Wi-Fi. I know using an Ethernet connection can be painful as you will lose the luxury of sitting anywhere and binge, but it is the only way to fix buffering issues.