7 Android Apps that Will Change the Way You Use Your Smartphone

The phone is a very basic device. It allows you to communicate, plan, and work. Many people, particularly students, are still not able to use the phone to its full potential.

Your college experience can be changed by the apps you download to your phone. My phone is used to find out how to pay someone to do my research paper. It is also useful for organizing and researching reference materials. You can also take classes via the phone and hold group discussions remotely.

students phone smartphone 2022

These are some great Android apps that will revolutionize how you use your smartphone.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an app for editing. Grammarly helps you write compelling essays in both professional and formal language. It will help you spot errors and provide a reason for your essay.

Grammarly can be installed on any device, including your smartphone, laptop, or another typewriter. Grammarly highlights typos, poor word choices, and repetition as well as punctuation errors.

Grammarly also has a great plagiarism checker. The app is essential for ensuring that you create a unique and original paper, given the sensitive nature of academic writing.

Grammarly will generate a report about your writing abilities. You can view the most common errors in your last project, for example. These reports can help you improve your writing skills and deliver better assignments. You can either pay for more advanced features or it is free. It’s one of the best writing apps available that will transform your college experience.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is an organization and storage app. Evernote is a cloud-based storage application that allows you to store all of your reference materials in one location. The materials can be used wherever you are, without the need to carry your gadgets.

Evernote lets you drag and drop reference materials that you find during research. Based on your assignments, you can create folders to organize different materials. You can also search Evernote for materials using a specific keyword. This makes it much easier to retrieve files from Evernote.

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs can be used as a cloud-based storage application. You can store all the online writing and tutoring service you need to complete your assignment or personal projects in one location. It eliminates the need to take your laptop and other gadgets with you everywhere. You can finish your assignment anywhere and anytime without having to take multiple documents with you.

Google Docs offers enough storage space to store all of your college projects. Based on your needs, you can buy additional space. It’s easy to use, and it will make your assignment writing easier.

  1. My Homework Student Planner

What time do you plan to finish your homework? What about setting a time and hours for your homework? The My Homework Student Planner helps you manage your assignments.

Each assignment requires you to create a project. The project can be given a time limit. You can view other projects in the same timeline using the app. Projects can be moved around according to urgency. You won’t be surprised at unexpected deadlines or incomplete work if you have a planner.

  1. RefMe

Academic work requires strict citation and referencing. RefMe ensures that citations are consistent and accurate. After you have entered the reference material details, you can choose the format for which you would like a reference or citation to be created.

RefMe offers a free service. It is one of the most trusted citation platforms. An accurate citation will enhance the quality of your writing.

  1. StudyBlue

Revision and study require a unique approach for each subject. Each person has their own study habits. StudyBlue allows you to create a customized study plan with flashcards. These cards can help you remember complex topics and ideas. Revision and exams will be much easier with personalized flashcards.

  1. Mint

Your college experience is affected by your finances. Mint allows you to track your finances by entering all income and expenses. It helps you avoid going bankrupt before the semester ends. While in college, you will also learn how to manage your finances.

Apps that will transform your college experience You will have a great time at college, no matter what your primary responsibility is. These apps will make your phone an even more valuable college tool.