7 Essay Writing Tips for an Amazing College Essay

The college application essay is one of the most dreaded parts of the college application process, with good reason. If you don’t have the right ideas and guidance or essay writer help, your essay can be mediocre at best, and terrible at worst. This article will help you prepare by providing 7 essay writing tips that will ensure you write an amazing college essay that will set you apart from other applicants. After that, you can go on to read: How to Choose an Experienced Essay Writer in 2022 | Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune.

1) Don’t get too personal

You want to give the admissions committee a sense of who you are, but you don’t want to get too personal in your essay. Stick to stories that illustrate your strengths and personality without going into too much detail. Don’t talk about past experiences you regret or things you wouldn’t want other people to know about. Talk about things that make you unique! Remember, this is your chance to tell the admissions board what they will be getting if they admit you as their student!

2) Be specific

Your college essay should be specific to you and your experiences. Don’t try to write what you think the admissions committee wants to hear; write about what’s important to you. If a particular event has shaped who you are, make sure it is discussed in detail. Give examples: Every event from your life can have a major impact on who you are today, so don’t leave anything out! Be sure to provide examples of how certain events shaped your personality, worldview, or perspective on life.

3) Tell a story

Stories are one of the best ways to connect with your reader and give them a sense of who you are. When writing your college essay, be sure to tell a story that is personal, unique, and engaging. Be sure to edit and proofread your essay before submitting it, and don’t forget to have someone else read it as well! Also make sure to include important information like your GPA, class rank, extracurricular activities and leadership positions. You should also take time to reflect on what you’ve learned in high school–sharing this will show colleges how much they can help shape your future goals.

4) Vary the length of sentences and paragraphs

Sentences and paragraphs that are all the same length can become monotonous and difficult to read. By varying the lengths of your sentences and paragraphs, you can keep your reader’s attention and make your writing more interesting. Just be sure not to overdo it; too much variation can be just as confusing as no variation at all.

5) Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.

Good writing starts with good grammar. Make sure your essay is free of any spelling or grammatical errors before you submit it. Punctuation is also important – use it correctly to make your meaning clear. For example, if you are making a list, put commas after each item on the list; if you are using quotes, put commas around the quote and use quotation marks. If you have mixed quotes and your own thoughts, start with a new paragraph. If you have mixed dialogue and thoughts within one paragraph, indent one level from the left margin (four spaces). Remember that ending punctuation is just as important as starting punctuation – end sentences with periods at the end of complete thoughts. If a sentence does not need to be ended in order to convey its meaning then do not use any ending punctuation at all.

6) Use only formal tone/language as required by the prompt

No matter what the prompt asks, every college essay should be written in a formal tone. This means using proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. It also means avoiding slang, contractions, and overly casual language. By using a formal tone, you’ll sound more mature and intelligent, which is exactly what admissions committees are looking for.

7) Get someone else to proofread your work

A second set of eyes on your work can be invaluable. A proofreader will catch errors that you may have missed, and can also offer suggestions on how to improve your essay. If you don’t have a friend or family member who can help, there are plenty of online services, like us.grademiners.com, that can do the job. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to make changes before your deadline.

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