7 Important SEO Metrics Every Webmaster Should Track

Measuring the success of your SEO campaign starts by monitoring specific metrics. There are seven in total, with each being important in its own way. These are the building blocks to mastering SEO, and they’re simpler than you think.

1. Bounce Rate

The organic bounce rate tells you the number of individuals that left your website after viewing a single page. Websites that want a favorable bounce rate use the Best Link Building Services. Organic bounce rate isn’t an exact science, but a high bounce rate can point to some on-site issues that need to be fixed. As an informational tool, it is an invaluable way to spot weaknesses in your landing page.

2. Top Exit Pages

The exit page is the last page an individual will see before they click away from your website. You can make use of the behavior patterns here since exit pages can also be grouped as problematic for your sales. If visitors are consistently leaving on the same page without making a purchase, then that exit page should be changed.

3. Traffic

Good search engine results lead to great organic traffic. The key to organic traffic is that it only includes unpaid placements. If you’re having issues figuring out an SEO strategy, then organic traffic can help. Use the information gained to decide how much you should spend on placement, and where that money should go.

4. Ranked Keywords

Google ranked keywords matter for multiple reasons. But the important part here is that without a reliable keyword tracking tool, you’ll always be using outdated information. A good keyword tool will give a breakdown of which keywords are helping your website rank high on a Google search. Use the data provided to keep things fresh and prevent a miraculous fall in the rankings.

5. Click-through Rate

CTR is identified as an individual clicking on a link after seeing it in the search results. With a low CTR, you are looking at content that isn’t reaching its intended audience. There is also a chance that your website link is buried so deep in search engine results that it becomes anonymous to the average user.

6. Local Visibility

Businesses with physical locations will want to watch this metric closely. Your local visibility should always put you at the top of the rankings in a search. If a consumer does a search for your industry and it is missing from their local rankings, then that is a serious problem. This points to a flaw in both your SEO and marketing campaigns.

7. Conversion Rate

The organic conversion rate is the holy grail of SEO information. After all of your hard work with marketing, making a sale should be the final result. With the aggregate from the conversion rate, you’ll understand what group of people were driven to make a purchase on your website. This one is a bit tricky since multiple factors outside of your control can affect the organic conversion rate.

Valuable Data

Data only has value if you know how to use it. The metrics provided by SEO can make or break a company of any size. If you’re serious about growth, master these 7 metrics to start building up your brand.