7 solar energy myths busted

The Internet has more and more articles about the use of solar panels. Many property owners read this kind of material, which can contain a lot of solar energy myths. Because of this, they decide not to install them, because they think that the payout is slow or power generation is insufficient.

For your doubts to be debunked, you need to evaluate the installation of solar panels as an investment. This equipment will be operating for decades, during which time the system will pay off and help you to save a lot on paying bills. Check out the main solar myths, which have been busted, and draw your own conclusions about the efficiency of solar panels.

Solar energy is expensive

Currently, the installation of residential solar panels has the perfect cost. You will notice the benefits after receiving your first utility bill. Your bills will drop by $ 100-200. It is also worth noting that the new electricity system increases the value of your home. Buyers are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars more if they know that their new mansion will always have light.

Solar panels don’t work well in cold climates

People living in cold climates can use electricity in the same way as in hot countries. Modern solar panels do not require direct light and they work great even in harsh conditions. The equipment does not deform and does not stop functioning with a sharp change in temperature.

Solar panels increase the cost of electricity for those without solar

When houses switch to solar energy, the load on stationary networks is reduced. Demand for electricity is falling, so there is no need to strengthen power lines and install more powerful generators. Since conventional energy is the result of processing natural resources, your country will use less gas and coal.

Solar panels will require constant maintenance

After installing new equipment, you receive a warranty from the manufacturer. The average lifespan of solar panels for home is up to 40 years. In some cases, you may get regular inspections by competent specialists. But you can monitor the correct operation of your solar panels yourself. They must be cleaned from time to time, as dust and dirt can reduce the efficiency of your equipment.

Solar panels are not that “green”

The usual electricity system consumes natural resources but is not environmentally friendly. A huge amount of harmful substances are emitted into the atmosphere and pollute nature. Carbon dioxide destroys the environment. Install solar panels to contribute to the preservation of our environment. They do not emit anything into the atmosphere, so such solar panel myths aren’t justified.

Solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy

Solar batteries are believed to improve performance during the cold season. Electric current is transmitted faster as the resistance in the wires decreases. The systems operate at temperatures -40 degrees Celsius and up. This means that you can save on electricity bills in the winter as well as in the summer.

Solar panels use more energy to manufacture than they produce

Various materials are used for the production of solar panels:

  • glass;
  • silicon;
  • aluminum;

Correct manufacturing and transportation of such equipment require appropriate resources. But solar costs pay off quickly. They work very efficiently. Your costs will be fully paid off after several years of use. The work of the solar panel industry is improving every year, so the payback time is decreasing.

Wrapping up

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