7 Things We Really Hate About Playing Video Games

For anyone who has been a gamer for a long time, you’ll no doubt have many grievances over things related to the video game world. It could be something that you’ve only just noticed or an annoyance you see again and again, but either way, it’s time to share with the world seven things we just can’t handle when it comes to video games.

When a game doesn’t save properly

Imagine powering through an incredibly difficult section in an FPS or RPG – something that took close to an hour and made you sweat and swear in equal measure – only to find that it was all for nothing because the game never saved properly! Inexplicably, sometimes the autosave feature doesn’t work properly or the file you made to save the game has just disappeared, and whilst it’s usually a once-off problem, it can still ruin your day to think that you’ve got to play that section all over again.

The server goes down

Big servers from the likes of Blizzard or Ubisoft understandably have technical errors simply due to the sheer amount of players using them, but nevertheless it’s hugely frustrating when the server goes down right in the midst of the action, and then stays that way for several more days. The way in which many of these companies treat gamers is sometimes appalling, as announcements of server outrages are either late or nonexistent. If you want your own, it can be done if you choose the right package and have a little know-how. But bear in mind, it can be a bit hit-and-miss since not all games allow you to create your own server.

Glitch to end all glitches

Despite rigorous testing to iron out any possible creases, it’s not unusual to hear of a glitch that completely renders the game unplayable and simply forces you to reboot the console or computer. True, some of these glitches come from players usually trying something in the game which really shouldn’t happen, but it’s still irritating when it occurs.

When games are too simple and easy to beat

There are many who agree that games are just too easy these days. It can be seen as a sign of disrespect when some gaming companies only have one difficulty level – and that level barely troubles us at all. It’s understandable that games need to be accessible to players of all skill levels, but when you target those who don’t necessarily want a challenge, then it’s hugely unfair to those who do. Games like Halo are a great example of being inclusive, as there are four difficulty modes, with ‘Legendary’ being incredibly hard, but the player has such huge satisfaction when completing the game on this level.

Waiting around for updates & installation

The frustrating thing about being a video game fan, particularly for consoles, is the insane waiting times for installation and updates. The thought that you could simply throw in a disk and begin playing right away might as well be fantasy. 90GB installation plus a 20GB update via the internet is no one’s idea of fun.

Boring fetch quests

This is an issue mostly in RPG games, when some random character tells you to pick up some arbitrary item that they desperately need (but can only wait until a passer-by like yourself shows up). When you have no mode of transport and are forced to walk long distances back and forth, it’s no surprise that this gets very tiring after a while and gamers will all agree that fetch quests cause rage quit.

No option to skip cutscenes

Look, we all appreciate how much effort you put into those cutscenes, but the simple fact is that not everyone cares about them, least of all after playing the game a second time. Long, unskippable cutscenes make players irate and bored.

What about you?

We might have missed a few annoying things when playing video games, but what about your issues? Let us know what grinds your gears in the comments below.

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