7 Tips for a Digital Detox

Today’s society is ruled by technology and most people have some sort of device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer, in their hands at all times. But while technology can be helpful, focusing too much on the digital world can be harmful—which is why it can be good to go on a digital detox.

There are many reasons you may want to do a digital detox. Maybe you find yourself falling behind on work because you’re on your phone or you’re trying to be more present around friends—or maybe you’re just fed up with your poor internet service and are frustrated when using your devices. No matter the reason, these simple tips will help you find success with a digital detox.

Turn Off Your Notifications

One of the easiest ways to feel less enticed to check your phone and other devices is to turn your notifications off. Getting push notifications from social media apps makes it pretty hard to ignore your device—so even if you leave the call and text notifications on for safety reasons, turn off all of your other notifications.

Keep Your Phone Out of the Bedroom

When you keep your phone in your bedroom, you’re likely to be on it right before bed and right after you wake up—which are two times you really shouldn’t be on your phone. Blue light emitted from your devices can make it more difficult for you to sleep and checking your phone first thing in the morning can prevent you from being productive and mindful.

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Designate Time to be Tech-Free

An easy way to make sure you’re staying tech-free is to actually designate time to do so. And it’s not good enough to just say you’ll spend a few hours each day away from your devices—you should schedule tech-free time on your calendar. Good tech-free times are first thing in the morning, at mealtimes, and before bed, but you can choose whichever times work best for you.

Clean Out Your Apps

If you have a ton of apps on your phone or tablet that are just waiting to distract you, it’s time to get rid of them. Having games or social media apps on your devices will only encourage you to spend more time online. So, consider getting rid of apps you don’t actually need so you’ll be less tempted to check your devices all the time.

Choose Tech-Free Activities

An easy way to avoid screens is to choose to partake in tech-free activities. This can be things like going to movies, sports activities, and hikes. You can even choose to go on a vacation somewhere with no internet connection. And don’t worry, if you take pictures with your camera while you’re on your tech-free vacation, you can still store them securely once your tech-free time is done. With a personal cloud service product like ibi by Sandisk, you can upload entire albums or individual photos to your smart photo manager—you can automatically upload and store photos from your devices, social media accounts, and more so they’ll be saved safely.

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Avoid Using Multiple Screens at Once

It isn’t uncommon for people to use multiple screens at once—most people check social media while they’re watching television or working on their computer. This can result in being easily distracted and preventing you from focusing on the task at hand. So to keep yourself on track, avoid multitasking when it comes to using screens.

Make Your Screen Black and White

Devices can be enticing when they’re bright and colorful—so take that alluring factor away and turn your screens black and white. These simple settings options can make your devices look less fun so you want to spend less time on them.

Spending less time online can reduce anxiety, promote productivity, and give you overall peace of mind. And if you want to make your tech time more valuable, make sure you invest in the right Internet plans. If your current Internet service provider isn’t the best, make sure to compare plans with iSelectthis will help you choose a provider that offers the actual speeds you need and the fast connection you deserve.

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