7 Tips to Get Relief From Computer Eye Strain

Computers have been part of our lives and we spend long hours looking at the screen. Here are seven tips get relief eye strain headaches.

Eye strain headaches are some of the worst and annoying headaches you can get. They can get in the way of your work and turn your whole day upside down.

Did you know there are a few steps you can take to prevent headaches caused by eye strain and even some ways you can relive it fast? If not, then you should keep reading below to see our 7 tips to relieve eye strain.

  1. Adjust the Lighting

When working long hours we may not think that light adjustment matters but it does. The bright lighting from windows or interior lighting can be the root cause of major eye stress.

To avoid eye stress due to windows make sure your computer is placed to the side of them so they are not in front or behind you. You can even try to block excess lighting from outside by using thick curtains.

Reduce eye strain caused by interior lighting by turning off lights that aren’t needed. You can even use light bulbs that are warmer tones and not blue light to help reduce strain. It’s good to note that halogen lights are better for above lighting when working than fluorescent lights.

  1. Adjust Your Display Settings

Adjusting your display setting on things like brightness, text size, contrast, and the color of your screen can help to reduce your eye strain. The brightness of your screen should be relaxing to look at and not cause your eyes any stress. If the background appears to be too bright or too gray you will need to adjust the brightness.

The temperature should be adjusted to your comfort also. Reducing color temperatures will also decrease the amount of blue light being emitted.

Text size should be one of the most important things you adjust when it comes to your eyes. Text size will hurt and strain the eyes if you find it difficult to read. You should adjust the text to a size that’s easy to see and comfortable to read to avoid eye strain.

  1. Reduce Screen Glare

If your screen has excessive glare this may be a culprit of your eye strain. If this is the case and your working environment isn’t ideal for a no-glare screen there are a few things you can do to help reduce the glare.

The first thing you can do is download an app that is a blue ray filter. It will create a shield on your screen and help to eliminate the blue light that can be contributing to your glare.

You can also use an anti-glare coating or cover over your screen. If none of these works you can try setting up a computer hood to disrupt the light that is causing a glare on your screen.

Another way in which you can help to protect your eyes against the glare and blue light is by wearing glasses that are meant to eliminate it. These glasses are made for those who have a lot of screen time in their daily routine.

  1. Take Breaks

You should be taking a 10 to 15-minute break for every 2 hours of screen time that you have. This will help to reduce the feeling of fatigue and help to lessen the strain on your eyes.

When taking your break you shouldn’t be looking at other screens. Go on a quick walk, drink a cup of coffee, or do anything you’d like as long as you’re not looking at another screen.

  1. Remember to Blink

Blinking is the way that your eyes stay hydrated. So if you’re working for long hours and begin to feel your eyes drying out it may be because you’re forgetting to blink.

The dryness you feel from not blinking can contribute to your eye strain. If this happens try blinking ten times, slowly, in a row. If your eyes still hurt try applying a warm compress.

If the issues continue to persist then it may be time to call the eye doctor. If you’re interested in learning more about your eyes you should check out some online course options to do so.

  1. Eye Exercises

Eye exercises can help to improve eyesight and help to relieve eye stress after a considerable amount of screen time. The first exercise you can do is to try and move your eyes up and down without blinking. After 10 repetitions place your palms lightly over your closed eyes to feel the warmth of your body.

Follow this up by moving your eyes horizontally and then diagonally. This can help to relieve extra pressure on your muscles that can happen when you’re looking at computer screens.

  1. Try and Soothe Your Eyes

Using an eye mask is a great and easy way to help relieve eye strain. You can run cold water over a towel and then place the towel on top of your closed eyes.

If this doesn’t work try using a cold compress such as ice over your eyes. Even things such as tea bags and cucumbers will help to soothe the eyes and relieve stress.

Now You Know How to Relieve Eye Strain Headaches

We have given you the top 7 ways to relieve your eye strain headaches. From using a soothing eye mask to exercises that will help release tension, you now have the tools to help relieve your eye strain leading to no more headaches.

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