8 dating trends for those who are tired of loneliness

If we were asked to name the main dating trend of recent years, we’d respond with one word: “seriousness”. If in earlier times people treated dating (especially on the Internet) rather lightly, now each new encounter is regarded as an opportunity to turn over another important page in life.

Covid-19 has certainly played a role in changing dating trends. The pandemic has shown us all how important simple human communication is and how difficult life can be without it. This has naturally affected the online dating industry.

The main dating trends of our times

Refusing to search for a specific type

While earlier many people immediately “weeded out” those who did not match their type, now this has changed. And this change is for the better!

Why did the trend emerge?

During the pandemic, many people came to realize that “suitable type” is a very vague concept. What is this type all about? Only appearance? Not really – there’s also character, education, a sense of humor and even simple manner of speech. So it’s completely wrong to force people into the template of types.

Trend specifics

In practice, this trend is expressed by the fact that users on dating sites no longer use strict search criteria: exact age, a list of interests, etc. This expands the circle of potential acquaintances by potentially multiple times.

Conscious dating without rushing

The past couple of years have saved people from haste in dating matters. No one else is in a hurry to book a date immediately after meeting on a dating site. This also makes sense.

Why did the trend emerge

During the pandemic it was impossible to date offline while obeying the rules of quarantine. This meant contemporaries communicated much more online, got to know each other better, assessed the prospects. Now the pandemic has faded a bit, but the trend has remained, which is good overall.

Trend specifics

Today, few people make offline dates in a hurry. Most prefer to chat for at least a few days or even weeks, go on several video dates, get to know each other as much as possible, and only after that meet in person.

No matches with someone you know

Users didn’t particularly want to meet existing friends on dating sites before, and now even more so. Some are simply ashamed, and some simply do not want to show off their personal life flashily.

Why did the trend emerge?

Here again, the pandemic played its role. During the quarantine period, the number of active users on some dating sites increased by two or three times. Accordingly, the risk of meeting a friend here also increased. Fortunately, many platforms have taken care of user confidentiality well.

Trend specifics

To ensure the privacy of their users, many sites offer to link a social network account. This means they receive a list of friends and block access to your page for them. And the new platform from Meta, Facebook Dating, hides the user’s page from its friends by default.

“Sober” dates

More and more contemporaries consider drinking alcohol unacceptable on a first date, although previously a glass of wine was quite a normal practice.

Why did the trend emerge

This trend partly echoes the second entry on our list — a conscious approach to dating. Alcohol can push us towards rash and reckless actions. And nobody needs that today.

Trend specifics

Increasingly, people are making dates on weekdays or in the morning/afternoon, when drinking alcohol is generally not welcome. But even evening dates quite often do without alcohol.

Conscious loneliness

Yes, there is such a trend too. You can still meet people who are not ready to make new acquaintances until the Covid-19 pandemic is completely gone.

Why did the trend emerge

At the peak of the pandemic, millions of people completely refused to get acquainted on the Internet, so as not to start relationships at a distance. After all, it was not known how long the quarantine would last. Unfortunately, even now there are those who choose conscious loneliness and are in no hurry to make new acquaintances.

Trend specifics

Asociality and distance from the outside world is definitely not good for mental and physical health. But we are glad the number of those who oppose new acquaintances is decreasing every month.

Dating via chat roulette

More and more people, instead of dating sites and apps, are choosing an alternative — cam chat roulette. For example, ChatRandom or CooMeet. Over the past couple of years, chat roulettes have also managed to increase their active audience by two or three times. And some even more.

Why did the trend emerge?

People who are tired of endless texting and swipes in dating apps began to look for an alternative — sites that can at least partially replace live communication. Chat roulette has become just such an alternative.

Trend specifics

For many, it turned out to be more convenient and pleasant to get acquainted and communicate in chatroulette than on a dating site. After all, here you immediately see the other user, and you can learn more about them in just 10 minutes than in a whole evening of texting. Chat roulettes are gradually replacing classic dating sites.

Honesty and openness in the your dating goals

Fewer and fewer people use dating sites and apps “just like that” out of curiosity. People have specific goals that they try to follow.

Why did the trend emerge?

Wandering aimlessly on dating sites is a waste of time. Paradoxically, when during the pandemic people just had plenty of time, they learned to appreciate it and put it to good use — to study, work, communicate with loved ones.

Trend specifics

By registering on a dating site, someone will be really aware of their goals — to find new friends, meet a true love or, for example, overcome embarrassment when communicating with strangers. Clearly formulated goals help you achieve your goals faster, do not waste your time and the time of your chat partners.

Taking care of your own health

We believe that further comments are unnecessary here. Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, self health care has become truly massive.

Why did the trend emerge?

Coronavirus Covid-19 has proven to be much more contagious than the usual flu. And some of its strains — dozens of times. It is logical that no one wants to catch a virus that has dangerous consequences for the body. So the emergence of this trend is completely understandable.

Trend specifics

Many dating apps, such as Tinder or Badoo, have implemented user vaccination statuses. You can go to the profile of the person you like and immediately find out if they are vaccinated against Covid-19. And after that, you can decide whether to meet offline.

Keep your finger on the dating pulse

We are sure that some of these trends will be relatively short-lived. For example, conscious loneliness or unwillingness to meet acquaintances on dating sites. But many trends will still remain with us.

If you recognize yourself in some of these points, this is completely normal. It means you’re, you are the same person as many other users!

Meet new people, communicate on topics that interest you, follow current trends and keep your finger on the pulse of life. And we, in turn, will help you with this as much as possible!