9 Tools Every SEO Professional Needs

Proper search engine optimization for your content is imperative for success whether you are trying to promote your own blog or if you are a SEO professional working for an important client. And, without the right SEO tools at your disposal that is a hard job to do. While the list is a lot longer than just nine, the ones mentioned below are most certainly the essential ones.

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Google PageSpeed Insights

If it has Google before its name, chances are that it’s going to be good and the Google PageSpeed Insightstool is not an exception to that rule either. By entering any URL, you can check for two things basically; loading time and performance on desktop and mobile platforms. The best part is that at the result page, the tool clearly shows how you can improve the performance of the site by optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, enabling compression, etc.


Just as the name suggests, this is a tool that helps SEO professionals in finding hundreds of SEO optimised long-tail keywords for every single keyword entered originally. You can choose your language and location to fine tune the results even further until you find the set you are looking for.

Scout Suggest is an awesome free keyword suggestion tool that generates hundreds of long-tail keyword suggestions quickly and clusters the ideas into keyword groups that make good starting points for article ideas. It has loads of prompts to generate keywords for questions, comparison, and research terms.

Google Keyword Planner

Once you have your keywords, the Keyword Planner lets you enter one or more keywords into the tool to find out what works best. From monthly search volumes to new keywords that you might have missed; it basically offers anything and everything that you would need to develop a sound strategy for your keywords.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

If you want a comprehensive, all-in-one tool for analysis, QuickSprout is the perfect solution. The web analyser lets you analyse your current SEO condition, SEO success rate, keywords, tags, site speed, social media links, in-site links and even the performance of your competitors. It presents all that information in an easy to understand interface for easy and faster analysis

Open Site Explorer

Wouldn’t it be bliss if you could identify and mark the pages on your website that are being linked to the most? Thankfully, Open Site Explorer lets you do exactly that. It’s an SEO tool that has been engineered to help each SEO expert delve into the details of every link related aspect and also helps with identifying the most important links that are headed towards the site.

Google Webmaster Tools

Is it really a surprise that Google has ended up on this list once again? Not really, because pretty much everything about search engine optimization revolves around optimizing the search engine that they built! The Google Webmaster Tools are all designed to help the user detect any indexing issues or bugs with their website that might be interfering with the site’s SEO rankings. You will need to install the Webmaster tools directly on your site though.


SimilarWeb is quite simplistic but its simplicity makes it even more useful. One of its staple features is that it lets you compare the traffic performance between two websites, which is quite valuable when you are trying to find your closest competitors or determine where you are exactly in respect to your competition. It’s a service that’s trusted by the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, Yahoo and Alibaba.

Moz Local Listing Score

Moz is a profound name in the analytics software business and the Local Listing Score tool is the best tool in their arsenal for local offline businesses to check their performance and presence on the internet. The data that the tool provides is as reliable and as authentic as they come since it is collected from multiple sources which include the likes of Google and Facebook.


In spite of a strange name, Browseo happens to be an excellent SEO tool which shows you exactly how things are with your website, quite literally! As soon as you enter your site’s link, Browseo will show you your site in the same way that search engine crawlers see it on the internet. The results will not always be what you want to see, but it’s always something that you need to see.

While it is true that by using these tools you can successfully improve your SERP rankings, you will still need knowledge and the experience to use them to their best potential. This is where WSIdigitalweb.co.uk comes in as a solution because not only are they local and national SEO experts, they are also a complete solution when it comes to digital marketing.

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