A Free Online Form Builder Lets You Make Attractive Forms without Coding

Do you have to add forms to your website? It could be sign-up forms or survey forms for customer feedback. That’s good. But are you worried about your weak tech skills? Are you wondering how to add online forms to your website when you don’t know coding? Well, no need to freak out. AidaForm Online Form Builder has come to your rescue here. It’s a readymade user-friendly and FREE form builder where you can create forms for your website without any need of HTML coding on your part.

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The post below offers a brief review on the AidaForm Online Form Builder.

Create & customize forms

AidaForm is bustling with a versatile range of templates to choose from. Whether you want a survey form or a one for online poll, you will get templates for everything here. You can even begin with blank forms if you don’t want to work with templates. Then, AidaForm enables you to customize the forms with all the required layouts. You will be able to put all the standard fields such as email, name, text area and so on. If it’s an online poll, you can even put multiple choice questions.

Easy form sharing

AidaForm automatically creates the required HTML code for putting the form on your website. This way, you can easily add the form to your site just after you create it. Then, you can even share the form link on your social media accounts to make it viral. Regardless of the sharing method, AidaForm users won’t need to set any kind of additional server integrations for form sharing. The online form builder will take care of all the processing.

Sends notification for each submission

When you create your online form with this advanced form builder, you don’t need to check out your dashboard everytime for new responses. In fact, the form builder program itself will notify you the moment a submission happens.

Tips on things you can do with AidaForm

Design professional online forms without coding

The first and foremost advantage of AidaForm is that it enables you to design any kind of online form without any coding needs. It helps you to create perfect professional forms which you can immediately add to your website.

Helps in email marketing

AidaForm gets automatically integrated with famous email marketing tool MailChaimp. You will simply need to confirm your account to connect these two services. Once connected, you will be able to gather all the email ids which your visitors submitted in the online form you created through AidaForm. Then, you can send all your promotional messages to these email ids to spread the word about your business or offers.

Helps to create targeted marketing campaigns

Then, AidaForm can integrate with MS Excel or Google Sheets to create organized data sheets based on the information gathered from the submitted forms. You will be able to filter the responses based on varied parameters such as city, email, name and so on. It will further help you to understand the interests of different customers so that you can make targeted marketing communications accordingly.

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