A True 480 Hz Refresh Rate Monitor Spotted

It seems a prototype 480 Hz monitor has found its way to the guys over at Blur Busters, who were able to test it out. They tell us that 480 Hz is a noticeable difference between even 240 Hz, but you have to remember that most high-end displays we see these days achieve at most 144 Hz.

480hz display

According to Blur Busters 480 Hz is also a limiting factor with today’s mice.

“Doubling the refresh rate, halves the distance between image copies in the stroboscopic effect. This also applies to things like FPS games (e.g. flick-turns while staring at crosshairs—and then seeing the ‘stepping effect’ of the turn,” Blur Busters explains. “In fact, even the 1000Hz report-rate of a gaming mouse is becoming a limiting factor—mouse manufacturers such as Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, ASUS ROG, Zowie, and others, now need to release true-2000 Hz position report rates.”

480hz display 2

While seeing a 480 Hz refresh rate display is quite cool, we would argue that it is a bit overkill right now. Today’s fastest graphics cards are not even able to push modern titles at 480 FPS. Also since we have display technologies such as FreeSync and G-Sync the interest in super-high refresh rates has gone down.

The big question is how much will a 480 Hz display cost?

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