Abee Announces RC0x Series Cube-Shaped Cases

Abee announced four new cube-shaped cases, which are designed to make it easier to space out  hardware, and install space-hungry optional components such as water-cooling. Perfectly cubical, the series includes RC04 and RC04G designed for mini-ITX motherboards; RC07 and RC07G for micro-ATX/mini-ITX motherboards. Sales will start on November 2, 2012.

rc04 600x450a

RC04 series

The RCO4 Series case weighs in at 9 lbs and is a perfect square at 240 mm X 240 mm X 240 mm. You are able to fit a GPU up to 190 mm long, a CPU cooler that is 55 mm tall and a Mini-TIX motherboard.  The frame is made of aluminum alloy and the panels are burshed aluminum. The case comes stock with 1x 120mm 1,000RPM fan but there are spaces in the rear of the case for a 92 mm fan and 2x 60mm fans. Pictured below are the two color options you have, silver and black.

rc04 600x450c   rc04 600x450b

ACE-RC04-S                                                    ACE-RC04-BK

The RC07 Series case is bigger than the RC04 weighing in at 14 lbs and is a 300 mm X 300 mm X 300 mm cube, and is also available in silver and black. You are able to fit a GPU up to 250 mm long, a CPU cooler no larger than 115 mm tall and a Micro-ATX motherboard. The RC07 also comes with a single stock 120mm fan (1,000 RPM).

rc07 600x450a   rc07 600x450b

RC07 series


Source: Hermitage Akihabara | News Archive