According to Mindfactory Data Graphics Card Prices Doubled on Average Between 2020 and 2023

Mindfactory is an online retailer that is well known for putting their sales figures out there, which typically provide a great analysis of market insights. They have recently put out information on the average selling price (ASP) of both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. The retailer notes that graphics card ASPs have doubled in just the span of 3 years. This is a very unnatural deviation from inflation.

On the AMD side of things in February of 2020 the ASP was 295.25€ with Mindfactory having made 442,870€ in sales. Now in February of 2023 we are seeing an ASP of 600.03€, with €1.02 million in sales. It is worth noting that in February of 2020 AMD did not have high-end products (this was before the RDNA2 comeback).

When it comes to NVIDIA in February they had an ASP of 426.59€, and total sales at 855,305€. Fast forward to February of 2023 and they new have an 825.20€, with €1.84 million in sales.

Via 200cm17cm100kg (Reddit)

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