Acer Announces Super Fast New IPS Panel

In the wide world of PC gaming monitors there are certain rules that we all accept and live with. Sort of like gravity, you can think about how nice it would be if they didn’t exist but the reality is that it’s not something that is likely to change. One of these rules has always been that you must choose between a fast monitor or a beautiful picture. Choose fast and you are on the competitive edge, you see things happen instantly and it can be the difference between win or loose. Unfortunately you must live with lack luster colors and often poor image quality. On the other hand choose quality over speed and you will be in a photographers dream with a beautiful range of gorgeously reproduced colors. But strap into an FPS with this baby and watch your kill death ratio tilt towards the death end of the scale.

Acer Logo

That is until now. Come March of 2015 Acer is releasing a 27 inch, G-Sync equipped, 144hz refresh rate, beauty of an IPS panel, the XB270HU. Oh and it’s 2560×1440 which while not 4K, I can personally attest (I’m using this resolution right now) is still plenty of desktop real estate at this point in time. While there have been a certain number of boutique (often Korean ebay brands) IPS panels to pop up with the ability to overclock to this refresh rate, this panel is produced by a reputable manufacturer with all the support and warranty that comes with it. In addition to the ability to reach 144hz, we mentioned that it comes equipped with G-Sync. G-Sync is Nvidia’s solution to screen tearing and matches the monitors refresh rate to that output by the GPU.

Acer XB270HU

And for those who are looking for picture quality, the XB270HU boasts a 178 degree viewing angle, can be rotated 90 degrees to stand vertical and of course we mentioned it’s IPS. This designates it instantly as a much more color accurate panel than others with this same refresh rate making it a possible choice for those looking to edit photos/video and game on as well.

Acer Vertical

Mark your calenders for March folks and of course get your wallets ready. Features this strong aren’t likely to come cheap.

Source: PCWorld | News Archive