ADATA Launches Industry First USB4 SE920 External SSD

Consumer demand for transferring large high-quality files has increased significantly due to trends in AI computing. In compliance with EU regulations, USB4 is set to become the transmission standard for a new generation of devices. Quick and convenient file transfer between various devices has undoubtedly focused consumers’ attention and the time for a new generation USB4 interface to unify market specifications has arrived. ADATA, the world’s leading memory brand, has launched its first USB4 SE920 external SSD, which supports Thunderbolt 3 & 4 and is backward compatible with USB 3.2 and USB 2.0. Performance can reach up to 3,800 MB/s per second. In addition, it is equipped with a mainstream Type-C interface, making it easy to transfer large multimedia files across devices or quickly export videos shot on mobile phones. The SE920 external SSD features a patented spring-loaded chassis and built-in fan to provide consumers with the ultimate in high-speed performance.

USB4 supports transmission speeds up to 40 Gbps but high speeds inevitably generate high temperatures which can became a problematic issue for users. The SE920 USB4 external SSD adopts a proprietary patented active dissipation design and a built-in micro fan. Push on the telescoping casing to activate the fan and extends the chassis to increase interior space for air circulation and quickly discharge heat. Compared with fanless products with the same specifications, this patented mechanism can significantly reduce temperatures by 10% and maintain stable data transmission. Press the casing again to retract the chassis. When retracted, the SE920 is lightweight and easy to carry. This unique and ingenious design makesthe SE920 USB4 external SSD an amazing addition to anyone’s everyday carry kit.

ADATA SE920 External SSD

3,800 MT/s transfer and winner of global design awards
The SE920 is equipped with the new USB4 interface with a read/write speed of 3,800/3,700 MB/s and can transfer a 10 GB 4K high-definition video file in approximately 3 seconds. It connects easily to different operating systems and platforms such as Android, Mac OS, and Windows to transmit high-definition videos anytime anywhere. The SE920 is also compatible with game consoles and can greatly expand players’ game libraries. Games load much faster compared to traditional hard drives, delivering AAA performance smoothly and seamlessly. The SE920’s excellent transmission efficiency, practicality, and heat dissipating design have been highly acclaimed by design awards at home and abroad, winning international awards such as the 2022 Red Dot Design Award, 2023 CES Innovation Awards, and 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award.

Introducing MIL-STD shock resistant SD620 and cable-free SC610
In addition to the flagship SE920 USB4 external SSD, ADATA has also launched the SD620 and SC610 external SSDs specifically designed for unique demographics. The SD620 looks powerful, chic, and sporty and is available in black, blue, and red. It features MIL-STD drop and shock resistance of 1.22 meters with a transfer speed of up to 520 MB/s for excellent performance and high stability and is supported across devices to ensure seamless data transfer. In addition, the SC610 adopts a super lightweight and portable design that emulates the form factor of a flash drive with the performance characteristics of an external SSD. It utilizes a slide-out capless connector that does not require a transfer cable, so leave your cables at home when going out with the SC610. Transfer speed is as high as 550/500 MB per second, five times the performance of regular flash drives. The SE920, SD620, and SC610 external SSDs are now on sale through global channels.

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