ADATA Presents Exceptionally Fast External SSD

ADATA builds some of the fastest most reliable and possibly under rated consumer SSDs on the market. One of the hottest items coming to the consumer side this year is external SSDs. It makes sense to provide fast access to portable data. The SE700 is ADATA’s solution to this need.


This drive is actually features a pair of SSDs stripped in RAID0. This little trick is actually something many of us have been doing with internal SSDs for years and results in blazingly fast reads and writes. RAID0 splits data between two separate drives effectively doubling the potential transfer rate at any given time. The result here is an external drive blasting out 819 MB/s read speeds and 839 MB/s write speeds. These transfer rates would easily allow the direct manipulation of files that are on the drive. For instance you could have your collection of photos stored on this portable medium and do direct edits in Photoshop without have to transfer the files.


To support these speeds this drive has the new USB 3.1 interface which offers 10 GB/s of transfer speed. Other notable features include a Type C reversible micro connector and BLE security to protect your data while it’s out and about. We are anticipating the launch to occur very soon.


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