Add RGB Lighting To Any Memory Module With Jonsbo NC-1 Heatspreader

RGB lighting is something that has become extremely popular over the past year. With pricing of memory on the rise many people are deciding to go with basic DDR4 kits as they are about 20-30 percent cheaper than those with RGB lighting. Well Jonsbo wants everyone to enjoy RGB memory modules so they have released their NC-1 Series DIMM heatspreaders.

jonsbo dimm 1

The NC-1 is an aluminum heatspreader with a 256-color RGB multi-color LED element embedded in the top which emits lights through a diffuser. Currently Jonsbo will offer two different variants, black and red.

jonsbo dimm 2 jonsbo dimm 3

So you put your memory module between the two parts of the heatspeader kit, with thermal pads between the metal and DRAM chips. The RGB LED element draws power from a 3-pin header. No word yet on pricing, but Jonsbo did say that pairing the NC-1 with basic memory modules would cost less than buying premium memory with RGB lighting.

jonsbo dimm 5 jonsbo dimm 4

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